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Don't move to Philly, it's horrible! My daughter goes to WC she likes it there. Its still conservative, which means like any place people are nice until they're not. Very Quaint, however their parking authority is just as bad as it is in philly. The differences between suburbs and urban city is one hides the dirt and the other don't care about the dirt. But its all dirty.😂😂


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First of all look up PA worse places to live on YouTube. Ignore the color bias he has because proverty doesn't have a color just an amount. Secondly, everyone is moving to Philly, just to make it a NY🤔. Thirdly, all of these jobs are fluff jobs, the economy is horrible. So if you've done internships I would move within those companies. Good luck.


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Good luck, I was terminated on time and attendance. For being late or absent 26 times In Almost 5 years. This was in September. I didn't hear from them so I reached out to my local rep. And got a response back from unemployment saying it was denied. I wasn't on any paperwork for attendance, plus I had just came back from STD dealing with them! I was late the day I was terminated because the signs where on the wall. And I had a anxiety attack. So now I'm in appeal and my date is next week. All this time maxed out my credit cards paying my bills.