tchiseen t1_j4foubt wrote

Look I don't want to be negative about the Irish team, but I think the reason why there's more interest in this game is because this is the ONLY group game that the Australian national team is playing in Sydney - I imagine many of the fans attending this game will be cheering for the home team.

This article is taking a bit of liberty:

>Should the match be moved to the Accor Stadium, the game would be played in front of the second biggest crowd in Women's World Cup history.

This is kind of assuming that the stadium sells out.

As a Sydney-sider, the smaller stadium is actually much better than the bigger one, it's much easier to get to for one, and it's purpose built for footyball, the big one is a track and field stadium. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually sell the same number or even fewer tickets if they move the game to homebush.