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The trouble with college is that even STEM areas “age” - what you studied may no longer be in demand 20 years after graduation. So, you do have to keep evolving, or else. But, of course, everyone is manipulated to a point; we live in a sea of info and misinfo.

There are absolutely tradesmen and craftsmen who provide useful services and do fine without college. My point was that, at least in the US, non-college people are more likely to be suckered into voting Republican (excuse the politics), which is detrimental to the Earth as a whole. Republicans don’t care about climate, poverty, human rights — or doing ANYTHING that helps people.


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I’m going to go a bit off-topic and simply list a handful of items that make me nervous about the next couple of decades:

  • machines/AI increasingly obsoleting jobs; I think basic income for all MUST be established at some point or universal poverty will ensue.

  • current trends showing fewer people in the US going to college (can someone speak to other countries?). This is frightening, because the less educated you are, the more easily manipulated. We see that already.

  • less educated people reproducing faster than more educated.

  • too many people on the planet, overall. Total global births MUST diminish.

As for technology, I mostly love it. Who wants to go back to paper maps?