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While it may be true that new artists learn from the old, there is something intrinsically different in an homage, a cover and a new original work. 2 of those are allowed for artists without restrictions, the last (cover) has specific rules on how the copyright is handled (recording the work is one of those items the band can't do, but in theory a fan could). AI does not distinguish this. It's rough approximation of an answer often has either not enough originality or something in uncanny valley territory or weirdness.

That's what is being debated. It IS a conversation worth having since laws will always on the back foot in regards to tech, privacy and rights.


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Do you know what minimum wage was?

It was, at one point, enough to cover food, rent and apply toward the future. You know, something sustainable.

You know what it is now?

Not that. No where in the country can you afford an apartment on minimum wage.

That is what the difference between a livable wage is (aka what minimum wage used to be) and the corpse of it now that has not kept to pace with the times.

You's funny you mention salary. Tells me you don't know how bad it's gotten but are willing to polish those greedy balls of capitalism til may you can delude yourself too that you'll be a millionaire too. Maybe that trickle down will hit ya.....oh's just companies doing the barest minimum to avoid it being called slavery. And you just keep on polishing those balls.


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Who said the business is gonna do that on their own accord....I literally said they have no incentive to actually be decent unless feet are held to the fire by unions or fed.

I'm talking about addressing labor laws to make things better for everyone (the fed half). It's really good some people manage to struggle and pull themselves outta the should not be a rite of passage or badge of honor to overwork yourself just to maybe get a half-step ahead but more than likely a side grade.

And if you keep propping those who went through hell and back as "this is the way" you REALLY need to check that privilege and ego.


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Ahh republican talking points! Thank you, makes it clear that I'm talking with someone who will constantly redirect and deflect logic like Teflon. And thus, not worth discussing how your lack of any discernable empathy nor understand how toxic things have gotten with companies undermining workers rights on the regular or how minimum wage is still not a livable wage exists and is a problem.

Thank you for simplifying your answer to "don't care because it doesn't affect you"


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Where are the boycotts? Things have to impact people directly (not just them feeling bad for workers) to have any semblance of of outrage. Let's not pretend for a minute that isn't what it is now and your false equivalence is bs.

The lack of boycotts does not excuse the piss poor attitude from companies that have worked hard to erode workers rights. Which is why I said it literally takes unions or federal laws to move the needle. I note you ignore the actuality to try and claim that everyone can just magically move on to greener pastures that also magically pay better. Let's be completely honest. Those don't exist for the population at large. But go to school you say...well that again is yet another problem that you shove off to someone else's accountability....rather than addressing a busted system.

But go on claiming that it's workers fault for a shit system. You show how utterly out of touch you are.


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The illusion of choice as if people easily can get new better paying jobs in the service industry is just that, an illusion. Trade one task master for another and hope it's better or be unemployed. The fact it literally takes unions and federal regulations to hold companies feet to the fire to get them acting at least half decent is telling.

Trying to blame employees as having victim complexes is a really shitty way to look at it. Clearly you yourself nor loved ones or friends have had a shit run trying to get a new job to get out of a current bad one. One does not quit the current before having a new one on hand. Unless of course you just have money saved up from your not minimum wage job that pays above a liveable wage.


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How very very tone-deaf. Acting like it's not a concern that people are mistreated because "lolz" they could just "walk away" because you aren't in that situation is peak asshole.

You do realize those jobs would still have to be staffed....and one group walking away doesn't mean shit to companies where workers are constantly viewed as easily disposable.

Amazon and Starbucks arent going to suddenly become "better companies" because of people leaving. They will only do so when forced to, because getting rich off of underpaying/abusing the workforce is very very lucrative, morality be damned.