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The problem is that those warnings are SO common that they are highly disruptive if people were to just drop everything and "seek shelter." It's not like, "Oh, I guess I won't go shopping today, I can stay in cuz I have basement." There's nowhere to go, so to properly plan, you're looking at literally packing up and checking into a hotel. Ain't nobody got the time or money for that.

These tornados always hit at night, too. You can't exactly find an excuse to suddenly go to Walmart at 2am, because Walmart isn't even open anymore.

I've driven 20 miles to wait out a particularly nasty-sounding warning before and the only place I could find was a hospital, and they chewed me out for trying to stay there when I didn't have anything medically wrong with me. The only reason they let us stay there for a few hours was because I had a kid with me who already had PTSD from these tornados and the MOMENT he overheard the ER lady telling us we couldn't stay he started hyperventilating and having a complete breakdown right there in the hallway.


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We need a combination of both laws and grants being made available.

The federal government offers a piddly community grant that a township can apply for, but as we know, rural towns are spread out so even if they built one, it wouldn't be sufficient when it takes you 10-15 minutes to get to it on a good day.

But there is NOTHING for homeowners, which needs to change. That is where stormshelters are needed -- family sized ones at the home, where they can actually be useful.

And we need firm laws stating that every trailer park and HOA community needs a shelter within 5 minutes on foot of every home.


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I agree with this. I'm in north Louisiana and for the first 30+ years of my life, we never had a tornado actually touch down in this area. You might hear of one hitting the interstate once every 2-3 years, but nothing major.

In the last 3 years, I've seen 2-3 a year and they are not turdy little do-nothing tornados.

What's bad is that there doesn't seem to be any kind of response to this -- not from FEMA, other departments of the federal government, or the states. These areas are filled with trailer homes, most structures do not have a basement, and I don't know a single community with a tornado shelter, and businesses are not obligated to allow anyone in to take shelter even when there's one on the ground. The schools do not even have accessible shelters.

I looked for a grant to install a storm shelter because there's nowhere to go in the event of a storm, but there isn't one. There's community grants, but nobody apparently uses them and they probably aren't enough for a multi-family or community-sized shelter.


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They assume (correctly) that most of these children will be kept by the birth mother at minimum, or forced to be kept if a birth father intervenes.

The parents will pay child support and continue to live in whatever shitty situation they were in when they had the baby, the baby will always be a source of contempt even if loved, and then it will grow up to be a good little soldier or worker.

That's why despite all their blustering, adoption is NOT put front and center as an option. That was only brought up when women could still consider abortion, as a deterrent. Now the option will only be brought up if the mother aggressively pursues it.


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I said it back then and I still say it: the government encourages their BS by being too chickenshit to just kill all the unpermitted cattle from helicopter and then cut off the area and just wait. Arrest them as they come out. Seize every child present and place in foster care, because their parents only brought them to use them as meat shields.

Never understood why Oregon let people go get the second group go get supplies, it made the standoff last so much longer.


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Sadly... this is one of the reasons I actually do support well-funded zoos. People can hem and haw about "abuse" all they like, but putting a financial incentive on saving animals is how they get saved from extinction.

For example, for certain types of endangered exotic antelope, there are more individuals on ranches in Texas than there are in the wilds of Africa. People want to shoot these animals so badly that it's become ludicrously profitable to not only save them from extinction, but manage their genetics to prevent them from bottlenecking.

If the cheetah wasn't so hard to breed in captivity, the pet market would have completely reversed their current endangered status because they're probably the "safest" of the big cats and most trainable for hunting, racing, and sport.


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This is honestly just the tip of the iceberg. This person was dumb enough to do it anywhere there would be cameras, but so much worse goes on in the woods or behind homes away from the road.

There is an entire population of people who just don't see animals as anything more than meat objects -- no more feeling than a remote-controlled robot dinosaur.

It's infuriating that when this stuff is discovered, it barely gets a slap on the wrist. It NEEDS to be treated like the symptom of sociopathy that it is.


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You're funny if you think a platform designed for a younger audience means that another platform is automatically dying. Young people DO still use Facebook, whether you want to admit it or not. They're using both. Fact is, those other platforms hold a fraction of users.

You're talking about billions of users. Facebook losing 14 million preteens to Tiktok is not signaling the death of the website. FB has nearly 3 billion active users, with 1.7 billion daily active users -- other networks are less than a few hundred million. Would you like me to draw you a picture of the difference that makes?


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Nothing I stated suggested it's dying. You're just angry about it and will literally say anything in support of the site shutting down. Please, quote the part of my post that is evidence of it dying and explain why you feel that way.

I could say, "The moon is in a stable orbit" and you are like, "See!? It's going to explode!" and everyone claps like a bunch of red caps at a Trump rally because you just keep repeating what they want to hear.

I'm not denying the company's business practices are tricky, but y'all act like Facebook isn't still the biggest social network there is.

If you want FB to die, you have to have a network that does it's job better that will drain it's userbase. I'm sorry, but none of the existing networks hold a candle to FB's userbase and you won't force people into the other networks just by making Facebook inaccessible because they don't have the infrastructure in place to do what they need.


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I think people also forget that Facebook is still a major social hub and it does fill a niche, even if many of Meta's revenue streams are down.

Sure, there's other social networks out there, but many of them are geared towards younger audiences and, if we're being honest, are more about feeding into extremely low attention spans and entertainment drive, like Tiktok and Snapchat. Some do not work well on anything but a mobile device, if at all, while others, like MeWe, simply don't have the infrastructure in place to create big networks of people.

As an example: As much as I love Reddit and traditional forums, Facebook remains the absolute best method to participate in special interest discussions, especially in a way that would be relevant for you. For example, if I wanted to ask someone to evaluate my dog for an upcoming show, the only place I can get near-instantaneous feedback from other breeders that are local to me and familiar with the specific show circuits I'd be attending is on Facebook.


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If you're not into reading, Handmaid's Tale is also streaming on Hulu, I believe.

The Christian fascist country founded after America is overthrown is called Gilead. That's why you may see a growing number of references to Gilead as the abortion rights fight continues.

There's a subreddit where people can report how the state bans have been affecting them in ways that are creepily similar to the Handmaid's Tale, such as cancer drugs being denied to women because "childbearing age." /r/WelcomeToGilead/