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Yes but they’re never going to make women’s pockets with jeans because of the purse industry. It profits way too much off of women not having pockets. And right now there is no big brand that has made that decision to add pockets so there’s no options. And you can’t just make your own company from nothing.


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I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around. They want women to buy purses, so they take away their pockets. I don’t think any woman would be upset to have pockets, even if they did have a purse. And not every woman uses a purse either.


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Dude… there’s no way anyone could just start a clothing company… You have no idea how long it takes and hard it is to make a business. And it’s really expensive too. People don’t get paid enough to even afford jeans let alone make a business just so they can have pockets.

And wdym women prioritize other things than pockets?? How can we do that? NONE of our clothes have big pockets, it’s not like we saw all the ones with big pockets and decided to get the small ones instead. It’s the clothing industry and the reason why is because they market purses towards women. If women had big pockets they wouldn’t need purses. That’s it.


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A lot of women do! But women are built different than men. They size jeans differently. For instance, I’m not able to find my size in jeans because of the way my body is built because I have larger hips than men usually do.