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There were veterinarians in Saudi! I guess they were vet vets. They took care of the MWDs, military working dogs. They were trained to take down bad guys, but most of the time they were sniffing the vehicles that local Nationals drove on base with. One guy had some fertilizer traces in his vehicle that an MWD indicated on. I got the opportunity to put on the padded suit and get attacked by one, they're no joke. Very well trained though!


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I'm a vet in Wisconsin. Had a real bad time last year around January when I got back from a deployment to Saudi Arabia. Vitamin D supplements, running intervals, and eating an overly healthy diet fixed it after a while. Not sure if it was sunlight or heat, but it just felt like I had dread going on in the morning and the evening. Thermostat set to 70-72 range, and I would still shiver. Seems to have fixed itself since then. Would be curious to know if it was a fluke or if the/my human body is not good at adjusting to such jarring changes in daily sunlight.