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I do understand... I don't think you understand THAT WAS ALWAYS THE PLAN. They smuggle the pigeon OUT of the prison by whatever means they have, then it gets loaded full of drugs and flies back into the prison. If the guards catch it and release the damn thing, it flies back to the prison and they can smuggle it out to load up with drugs again. This will continue happening for as long as the pigeon is alive. If you don't kill the pigeon, now you're playing pigeon games forever.


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I've got a feeling this isn't going to go over well, but you have to put the pigeon down. That's what happens to animals when stupid humans train them to do inappropriate shit or otherwise interfere with their wild existence. There's no chance of us making pigeons extinct from putting down every pigeon that's being used as a drug mule for prisons, I'm quite certain. Otherwise, they're probably not going to catch the pigeon every single time, and drugs are going to get into the prison.


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>In December, a pigeon wearing a backpack carrying crystal meth was found in the yard at Pacific Institution. Both pigeons were later released.

They mention in the article that the pigeon will just fly to its home base if they release it... then they just release it. It's STILL a viable smuggler for the prisoners. Hell, there's no way to no if it's actually two pigeons. They may have just caught the same pigeon twice and released it twice. Top security at this prison.


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This is such a stupid article.


Don't have to do anything, there'll be a download.


But oh wait, the problem will literally be solved in the next fucking update.

These stupid articles will keep stupidly rolling out until that cheapskate hires a fucking PR team for his fortune 500 company like a person with a functioning brain.


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Public defenders are perfectly capable attorneys, and I'm quite certain that one will be able to mount a defense involving an elderly person with diminished capacity.

If you're out here claiming he shouldn't have access to a public defender because he has money, you're maximum clown. Once we start picking and choosing who gets that, you're probably not going to like how it shakes out. Let's just let everyone have access to these perfectly serviceable attorneys who are woefully underpaid compared to the other options that are usually available to them.


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Smart answer. I have to imagine part of commandeering Carthaginian merchant marine involved capturing all of the people required to operate the vessels as well. Then, the Vandals' elite warriors essentially behave like U.S. Marines - somebody else gets them to a theater that they operate on land in.


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Right, but the issuing country (and whoever the ruler was at the time the coin was minted) are required information for determining the metal content, unless you literally destroy the coin.... so coins from certain issuing countries with certain rulers on their heads could be accepted as more valuable than others if you could find someone to trade with that also had that knowledge.

There was another interesting article that I read yesterday about a late Roman hoard that was found in Spain that had coins minted by several Emperors after Diocletian's reforms, with a vast majority of the coins being minted by Diocletian.. on that one, the researchers hypothesized that the hoard was literally representative of a payment during a Venezuela-like inflation crisis and that the Diocletian coins were valued higher because they were known to have the highest silver content.