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I'd like to see some doctors turn from a punitive and sometimes deadly approach with Vicodin.

I have chronic nerve damage pain, and I had to pressure my otherwise sympathetic doctor, to remove the acetaminophen from my daily dosage.

If they had not done that, I would surely have died by now of liver and kidney failure, over the past decade.


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I was thinking of the research that showed persistence of consciousness after clinical death (PET scans?), and wondering how resilient these molecules are. The Bardo Thos Gröl mentions speaking loudly into the ear of the recently deceased, to comfort them and guide them.


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On the contrary, justice is essential to a good joke, as it releases the tension we feel with our oppressors. It reduces their power over us, and strengthens social ties; that's why (e.g.) making fun of Ivanka Trump's incompetency is funny. Just think of the blank look in her eyes when someone uses a word like "precarity" or "hegemony." Suddenly she looks like a cornered rabbit.

Punching down functions to release the tension of compassion instead--we feel uncomfortable with a group that needs relief from the oppression that we participate in and/or profit from. Such jokes fuel rage and violence.

That's why Dave Chappelle will soon be forgotten--he makes jokes that encourage hatred against Black transgender women. It's embarrassing, and should be. People who are laughing with him now will "forget" they ever did, within a decade.


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I just hacked your bank account and planted false stories about your reputation. Now you're homeless. Would you like to freeze in a stuffy can and work alone for a few years, to pay for your sins?

Of course, I have done no such thing. But the homeless have similar stories. The biggest story is that we have been tricked into letting a super-rich class suck our lifeblood forever. Capitalism is a curse.