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I need to save this, I just quit my contract. Haven't had PTO in 4 years other than holidays, so I just worked most of the time. I'm going to enjoy my next two weeks and get back on the grind in the new year. I'll be doing lots of research at some point the next two weeks but for now I chill. I need to quit corporate life for a bit. Hopefully for good but at some point I'll have to start dipping into savings for retirement. I don't want to do that so I will go back to contracting if needed.


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This sounds like something my dumb dumb cousins golden-mix of some kind dog would accidentally do. I think it was the day before Thanksgiving it was pouring and he was sulking about not going for his normal 2 hour walk. The next day the good boy got his regular walk and a 5 mile bike ride. He would also bark the shit out of anyone approaching the house (familiar or not) R-man I miss you. He ain't gone I'm just not near him and I miss his attention when no one else was awake. He would literally just lean into you. Or sit against you and beg for pats with his paws, which were all absolutely given. Then again they just let him hang out outside on a really nice day because he would never leave the yard...dags crazy lovable creatures.