terryjohnson16 t1_j6eu9nr wrote

But how many people actually knew their buses had free wifi? Plus only the new blue buses have wifi while the older white buses do not have wifi.

Plus some people also maybe feel like their usage were being tracked.

I rather use my carrier data since its unlimited and more secure.

The subway cell service has gotten unreliable recently. Maybe they doing upgrades for 5G but now my data wont load when using the subway network underground

Tourist will miss that free data though


terryjohnson16 t1_iwqlwnm wrote

Im not a fan of yellow cabs. Some of them discriminate by not stopping for you, unless you have a certain skin color. Plus if they stop and ask where you are going, and say anything other than the airports or outside of manhattan, they play dumb and take a long traffic route to jump the fare up, or wont go at all.

One drove off cause we said the bronx.