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The part about a Viking funeral that makes it special is actually the building of the raft/ boat by the community, setting it adrift and setting it on fire. You watch your kin burn in the water, the fire extinguishes. Then drink. Get it.

So she may be saying she wants a community send off, when she has passed, on a floating vessel that the community burns and sinks.



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I lived in downtown Portland during the raccoon crisis of 1984. I think we all remember that, huh?

So, At. John Street, and this mama raccoon keeps messing with my trash can on the third story, very unsturdy deck.

So I keep picking up the daily hijinks. I own a pretty big sword and decide, I'm done with this little nature's bandit.

So I get out my Conan-clone sword and set up at the sofa near the deck.... And I wait and wait.

So, this little pack of four baby raccoons trot up to our deck, this fat, pissy mama raccoon right up on them, and they approach my locked garbage cans and literally, unlock them.

I'm amazed. I just watch. They all eat, make a mess and leave.

I just couldn't attack them. No way.