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Huh, didn't know about this assassination attempt on FDR. And glad I do now, for the funny mental image.

So Giuseppe Zangara decided to try to shoot Roosevelt while he was surrounded by a crowd of people. The problem was Giuseppe was only 5 feet tall. So in order to try to line up his shot and actually see what he was shooting at, he stood on a wobbly chair and then used the shoulder of the woman (who was only a few inches taller) in front of him to try to keep the gun still while he fired.

It's just...I don't want to be one of those people who makes fun of people for their height but come on. Tiny assassin. Makes me think of the guy from the 3rd season of Twin Peaks.


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It's not continuing any specific story of the first two seasons but I don't think you'll care for it much without knowing the relationships, personalities, and backgrounds. This first episode of the revival is a lot of catching up with the old characters and I think a lot of it would fall flat for someone who has no idea who any of the characters are. This premiere at least is definitely for people who know the show.

There are only 20 episodes total that are less than a half hour each prior to the revival, so no reason to not just track those down if the cast or premise appeals to you. This is a week to week release anyway so plenty of time to spare to watch the original ones while this comes out. If you're in the US, the first two seasons are on Hulu.


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I liked it.

Was less funny than a typical episode of the first two seasons but not going to judge off just this one episode because there was a lot of catching up and setup for the cast coming together and by the end it making sense why they're involved with Party Down catering again. The next episode should presumably be the normal formula of the original series.


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> This is such a moronic take. The whe point of that title is that it would get passed to someone if Bond didn't have it.

She also was brought in at the end of the process to punch up the dialogue. She didn't write the story of No Time To Die. That was also...3 men. So their first sentence is just completely fucking wrong with both films they're trying to call her out for.


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She's a Messianic Jew. Really a misleading name though. Regardless of the name, most consider that an offshoot of Christianity. One of their big things is to try to convert traditional Jews into becoming believers/followers of Jesus. As you can imagine, not always the friendliest relationship.


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It's only being mentioned in some articles but she also made social media posts about what happened, including one where she mentions a synagogue staff member by full name with a birth date and death date. Not a nice memorial for someone passed on. The person is still alive and she posted they die in 2023...while targeting multiple times the place they work at.

I'd say that alone gives enough cause to at least consider this potentially malicious.

EDIT: This article from The Houston Chronicle goes into more depth on things.


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Not even close. It's a show of people saying and doing one fucked up thing after another with a massive amount of dark and mean humor. The only thing it has in common with YA stuff is the cast is young (though they're not high school age, they're adults). You'd be able to get a good idea that it very much is not what you're worried about within about the first two minutes. I'm honestly having a hard time thinking of shows that are more willing to go very far in the direction of inappropriate and fucked up. The Boys level of not caring about being offensive but lower stakes.


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If you like Umbrella Academy, check out Misfits. Robert Sheehan (Klaus) is one of the main characters in the early seasons and fantastic in it. Iwan Rheon, best known for playing Ramsey Bolton, is also part of the main cast and great in a role that is very different than that one. Overall, just one of the most fun shows out there. A lot of cast turnover, the first two seasons with all the originals are the best, but I enjoyed it to the end. Joseph Gilgun is really great in it too and probably the main thing that carries the show in later seasons.