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If the metric is brand reputation and connections, top schools are great. If you need competency, it’s much more hit and miss. Up to 1/3 of all Harvard graduates have a legacy admissions component with many of them being untalented trust fund brats who are a disaster in the business world. We stopped hiring Ivy league MBAs after repeated issues vs someone who forged ahead on their own dime at grad school.


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Specifically, around 3500 calories = 1lb of body fat. A 500 calorie daily deficit will generally result in losing 1lb of body fat per week. You would want to eat enough protein and use some weight lifting to minimize muscle loss during this time. Bonus, muscle (even at rest) burns calories so the lifting helps with the deficit even more.


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Just like the movie Contact.… don’t send mass. Send digital instructions for a machine that can assemble a human or robot body from local matter and then send the recipe to make us digitally. Even at the speed of light/causation, these are mostly one way trips and no meaningful dialogues at distance are likely.


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It shouldn’t be precarious to believe a company when they say “your data isn’t in the cloud. The only things that go through our servers are metadata tags so your app knows which video to pull from your server, but the stream is E2E encrypted and only you have the key.” Anker has a fantastic reputation and I believed their public statements about privacy. I’m very curious if this is a bug and their initial claims are true or if they overtly lied.


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You’re correct and the poster above stating 10mg is no big deal is incorrect. The actual percentages of bioavailability varies with a bunch of factors, but is highest via inhalation (31%-50%) followed by sublingual. Ingesting is pretty inefficient (10%-19%).