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Well, suggestions I have.

Fight scenes are made of 3 things.

Characters, motive, and setting.

Your characters and their abilities, be it training or weapons or superpowers, these should be consistent and used during the fight.

Motive, people don’t fight for no reason, why people fight is the difference between something people want to skip and something that draws people to the edge of their seat.

setting. True professionals and panicked citizens alike will try and use their environment to their advantage. Imagine where your characters are fighting and what is around them. Utilizing what you “see” makes fights not only more interesting but more engaging, as it can be unexpected. I.e. in a playground and wrapping the chain of a swing around a neck, or stomping on the seesaw, etc…

This will extend your fight scene but it’s not all of it. I like to watch the fight in my mind as if it is a well choreographed movie or anime, then describe each hit, the sounds sights smells the feeling of a face smashed into snow and rocks and blood pours from the broken nose, the Pain of each strike and, as a bonus that’s only available in writing, the thoughts of the participants In real time.

choose one or 2 of these things to focus on and go from there.


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Feel free. I did write a first draft once, and I may do so in the future as a novel But that’s no reason that you cannot use the setting or inciting incident. You are a different person and your story will be different from what I would write. Go for it, unlike some people I have no issues with people being inspired by my work or even ripping off wholesale as long as you do something creative with it. Go wild!


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Everyone got 1 wish. That’s the running theory. Ironically, doomsdayers wished specifically to survive the apocalypse while many others wished it to begin. Many wishes cancelled out but enough came true to end civilization as we know it. And your wish to be cured of cancer was granted, along with your 10 year-old sister’s wish that her imaginary friend Avax would save you. No longer human, your parents long gone, you try to find a place for you and your sister.


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I stare at the scepter in my paws. 10 years. 10 whole years since I was made into this monstrosity! I was on top of the world back then. Had my pride, a mate to call on and a trained house of humans to feed me at my call. I had it all! Mother warned me, warned all my litter, of curiosity and its dangers. You do not explore the unknown, you avoid it. How right she had been. A mouse had run into a hole large enough to squeeze through, and I followed, expecting a cornered meal to play with. No such luck. Instead it was a massive square cavern, a tomb of a god I later found out. I had been filled with dread, but the mouse! Where could it be. I was hungry and too far from the humans to bother with. So I searched, following its scent until I came across the throne. I saw a pile of bones scattered at its feet as a beam of sunlight shone over the golden seat. A sunbeam! Upon gold it would be perfect to nap on! Mouse forgotten I hopped up and it was exactly what I had hoped, purfectly warm. But something was laying in my spot! What the hell was this odd rod? I poked, prodded. Then I smacked it with a bit of force, knocking it off the throne, and my body followed. My paw stuck to the scepter, the word burned itself into my mind’s eye. Gaea’s scepter, that is what it was. I felt my bones warp, my muscles tear. For an eternity my life, existence was pure agony. Then I found myself… A. A. A fucking human covered in fur! My only relief was that my beautiful muzzle was untouched, just massive! And my hand, paw, haw! My haw was still stuck to this dammed scepter! 10 years, wandering trying to find a cure for this condition! Humans are as easy as ever, one even replaced my need for a mate, though I swore never to tell another cat as long as I live. What men will do for relief, I’m disgusting. But I have hope, there is a way. Once this party and I reach the bottom of this hellish prison, to the djinn chained here I would once more be in my rightful place back at the forest! Soon…


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“Your fry cook’s an ass!“ shouted one particularly rude customer. “What of it? Don’t like the waffles?” My boss, Edna, asks. “How the hell is he cookin’ them? With his teeth? I ain’t paying for this shit!” I roll my eyes, refocusing on my orders. Truthfully, I never thought of what I wanted for my life. I was happy being a general ass all the way. Stubborn rude all that. Then the nightmare came and suddenly I can do shit like this. “Sweet mother of Aldric!” The man cries, the words, “Kindly Fuck Off” in black letters floated over his partially eaten plate. I honk as I hear a thump. Serves him right. Edna tsks and calls back, “eggs over hard, taken on the road, hashed and bloody!” I grab 3 more eggs from the fridge and the other ingredients. Breakfast rush is almost over thank god! I need to go to the guild later to finalize my papers. I pop the waffles out of the griddle and stack them with an order of scrambled with bacon. Classic. I carry the plate to the window and ring the bell. Dark numbers 1 1 hover over it. This job has been incredible for my magic control. Once my certificate of personhood is signed by the local guild head I’ll be an actual person. My own badge and everything! Yup, not what I expected or even what I wanted at the time. A whole lotta work but… Edna smirks at me, “stop scaring the patrons, we need the business if imma hire your replacement.” I whinny and flick my ears in agreement. Today a fry cook, next week an adventurer, next year? Who the hell cares. Long as someone’s cursing me out it’ll be a good day.


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I glare at the 'pirates' as I understand them. Sending charred ships into my waters after filling it with blood. I hated them, and I let them know. Shooting my acidic ink beneath their hull, dissolving the wood. But even as I sank one 2 took their place. So I was driven to this. A talk with these... Humans. I sigh, it was not all bad. They were, pleasant enough. I looked at the officer on deck. "No more pirates?" I ask. confirming our deal. "We will do our best. These waters are uncharted for us." I nodded. I had assisted greatly, able to swin in even shallow water had allowed me to give detailed information upon their coves and hidden islands. These Royal Navy humans would take them away, in exchange for defense if I am able. Anything to get rid of these unbearable creatures from my shores. "And on our side, you will defend our ships?" I concur, "Within my waters." We watched eachother a moment more, before the officer broke. "I will not lie to you, sir." He admitted, "I never thought I would be heading a ship along side a massive kraken." I chittered, in full agreement, "And I did not expect to need to speak to humans at all. I much prefer to avoid your kind." I pause, "Though you are better conversation than I expected as well. I might look for another such human to converse with." I sighed, "But first things first." The officer nodded, "Until tomorrow," I sank beneath the waves. Here's hoping this finally ends this pirate scourge.


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absolutely agree

I grumble, sauntering through the wastes. My wastes, I think proudly. The constant shifting of the trees speaking to my soul. I look at the village near the river of sand. The roses are sifting for anything that has washed up in the flow of grains. I huff. The town seemed a bit stagnant. I headed there, time to shake things up. I stepped foot in town, already reaching my influence out and- "Enough!" A human, a true human in plate armor stepped into the open, the roses fled from us. Who was this petulant mortal? I growled. I who surpassed all my kind to claim this territory! I willed my influence upon him, and was rebuffed. It remained stubbornly remained unchanged. I roared, enraged. The houses became flesh and the road gold. The sun went out then blue as the unnatural light spilled across the road. Then it stopped. The houses were would, the sun a pleasant yellow shining unchanged. Then I felt it. Order. Stagnation! "You're tyranny ends Badger of the Shifting Wastes!" He cried, "By Aurina, goddess of Order and Law I will slay you!" He charged, as I did. My body flickering across the road, my body shifting and changing. My bones rearranged themselves and my claws melded painfully. I relished the pain, the changes, the strength. It was mine! We clashed, my arms stretching and spinning in a blur of scythes and death! What ever influence Aurina had did not affect myself. Good! But not enough! I felt pain in my throat and cried out, "When I have finished you I will fine this Aurina and flay her flesh from her bones for touching what is MINE! I will- Growl Roar!" My throat shifted once more and I lost my words. It mattered not! I will say though, this boy, for a boy he was, was skilled. He blocked my sudden nigh unpredictable strikes and even struck blows of his own. It matters not. My bones rang against his steel as his steel rended my ever shifting flesh. It mattered not. With a cry he brave a slash across his face and buried his sword in my belly. I gasp as the hot iron, like fire, filled me. I smiled, a smile that comes from knowing I will feast upon this bastard's flesh! "H-How?" He whispered, "How are you alive?" I laughed, feeling the familiar burning in my throat as I gloated. "Cause honey badger don't give a FUCK!" I roar, tearing into his succulent throat, blood splashing across my face, filling my mouth with its sweet taste. I flowed off of the blade, the source of this insidious order driven out of my home, but not yet dead. I feasted upon the knight, his savory meat sating my blood-lust, for now. "I will find you Aurina, and I will K-rowl" I huffed, ending my influence upon my body. Then smirked. I will tear this world apart to find you. I bring an end to this ORder you hold so dear, and perhaps you will learn not to touch what is MINE!


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Challenge accepted!

I stare out across the room. He is there, my ancient enemy. The monster. I wonder how he will come today, a useless thought but it kills the time I spend in vigil. "mmhmmm" My charge murmurs in her sleep. I lay back, allowing my fluffy tail to brush against her face. Sweet dreams child, I thought to her, No need to fear. Creeeak. I fire a silent blast of light. the smell of ozone fills the room and is swept away. Crap. The witching hour has started. I allow sparks to envelop me as I step off of the bed. She is safe as long as I stand. One more night, just one more until the nightmares end. A lie, an empty hope. I have no idea how long these battles will last. Children stop believing in monsters at different ages, but it is a comfort, one I desperately need now. Something slick and cold wraps around my velvet leg and I feel the foul slime sink into my stuffing. I force down a shudder as I fry the tentacle. A tentacled horror or a deep sea? I hear a slow call, deep and almost melodious like whale song. Deep sea, nice! I would grin if my stitching had the ability. I didn't relax, the danger was real. A deep sea swims in the shadows, attacks from all directions, and is weak to electricity. I dive as a beam of sonic energy passes over me. Getting stunned now is death, for me and my charge. I turn, catching a brief glimpse of a dorsal fin. The pieces start to come together. I focus, the next attack will be a bite or a blast of poison. A massive orca head surrounded in a mane of tentacles, eyeless and silent but for that unending whale song that was just short of being peaceful. Leaving a truly disquieting feeling. I blasted a bolt of raw lightening down it's throat, attempting to disperse his chosen vessel. No luck. The commitment, though damaging, did not kill it. Teeth wrapped around me, clamping on the soft velvet of my fur. I silently cry in pain, and focus. I felt a dozen tentacles wrap me up, in and out of its mouth. It was trying to rip me apart. I felt my seams splitting, my skin tore, and I couldn't help but smile. Too late nightmare, I exploded in an omni-directional blast of electricity. Better luck next time you- My thoughts freeze as the vessel disperses, and I am replaced in my charges arms, inanimate once more until the next night. until the nightmare comes again to steal my charge. I will not fail her, I will not. I will- sleep.


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I woke up on the floor of the living room. My living room. I sit up, looking at the woman before me. On the couch was a dark haired lady that stabbed me with a needle and pumped me full of something, at the same moment I covered her mouth with a chloroform rag. She was waking up too. I managed to get to my, no wait. I managed to get to my knees as she stirred, and fell off the couch. Damn, my closest weapon is past her, beneath the couch. I fall over her, crawling painfully as I fight the fogginess in my mind. “Damn, jess.” I mutter. She was a dentists assistant or maybe a nurse? I couldn’t remember now. I reached under the couch and gripped the machete. I felt Jess push me but didn’t make it very far.

I tugged against the restraints on the blade, then remembered that I needed to unlatch it from it’s holster. I clicked it open, just as I heard the ringing of a small knife against her jewelry. I twisted out of her clumsy stab. Pulling the machete with me I rolled off of her and once more rose up. I managed to make it to my feet this time, but so did she. She held an army issue combat knife, probably from a surplus store or something. I had a machete I bought online. Reach was on my side, but if she rushed me… She did, and tripped over her feet. I slammed the blade down, hitting my carpet and shearing through it. Dammit! It was shag, and expensive.

She got to her feet, the chloroform was wearing off faster than what she stuck me with. I stare at her eyes, trying to get a read. And I couldn’t. Just cold dead calculations behind her baby blues. Just like me. “Did you just to kill me in my own home?” I ask incredulous. “You we’re gonna kill me in your own home?“ she demanded back. We stare at each other a moment. I shifted, not liking her tone at all. I smirk, “that much easier to dispose of you,” I explain, keeping my machete between us. “Drop your car off at your house tonight while you scream your lungs out behind the false wall in my basement as you melt into goop.” I gloat. Realization dawns, “chemical factory,” she says, “that’s brilliant!l” she relaxes immediately, knife dropping to her side. I did work as a waste disposal working for the local chem plant. Got lots of free shit when the books are kept by a dyslexic chimp.

I slowly lower my machete. “What’s your plan?” I ask, now curious. She grinned wide, a frightening madness in her gaze. She opens her purse, “We EMTs deal with so many ODs.” she says revealing several pieces of drug paraphernalia. “What’s one more?” I nod, and she had access to plenty of shit as an EMT. “Alright, respect earned.“ I acknowledged. She wasn’t like the filth out there. She was a predator like myself, a good one at that. I look over at the sink, the dishes from dinner still unwashed. I needed to get those done. ”Professional courtesy then?” I ask turning back, and finding her 2 inches away from my face. I don’t flinch, even as she kisses me. “Fuck no.” She whispered, “Now we fuck.” I frown, so not exactly like me.


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When you walked in, you were fully expecting to be kicked out on sight, horns and a pointy tail tend not to get the best response. You’ve heard a LOT about this CEO, and the fact that he wanted to interview you personally was terrifying. You actually get asked to interview for a job you like and now this?

suffice to say, you were shocked when he simply shook your hand and had a very normal interview, one you’ve had a thousand times in your career. It was surprising, not only because you expected a “going to hell” rant but because even normal people look at my horns and let pity color their face. This guy, the “So-religious-he’s-hitler” ceo that once fired someone because they were a satanist, treated you like a normal person, like there was nothing remarkable about you outside of your experience in the field of marketing.

At the end it hit you, he’s not going to ask. “Are there any questions you have?” Just a million, but I ask the one that’s bothering you the most? “Why are you being so nice to me?” The man just smiles at you, “Why wouldn’t I be?” He asked. you tap your horns with the spike on your tail. He shrugged, “so?” You just looked at him, dumbfounded, “it doesn’t bother you?” He just shrugged again, “but you’re- you’re” “A catholic nut-job?” He offered, you blush and nod. “This about the satanist, isn’t it?” you nod again. He just sighed.

”People will say what they say, but the truth is because we have policies in place to make people feel welcome, and her desk statue of a goat headed Jesus nailed to an upside-down star she bought in ’protest of our company’s actions, made enough people uncomfortable that I ended up with 3 HR reps coming to me separately asking me to do something as they kept getting flooded with complaints.” He explained, “this was told to everyone but it seemed the news conveniently forgot to add that part to their articles.” He shrugged again.

you motions to your horns, “but still…” he looks you dead in the eyes, “are you a satanist?” You shrug, “atheist.” He nodded, “then we shouldn’t have an issue,” you open your mouth but the CEO holds up a hand, “look, I get that this is an unpopular opinion but I do not make decisions based on looks, I base them on actions. If you take responsibility for yourself and put forth the work than I have no issue with you and will happily recommend you for promotion after promotion. That’s how my grandfather ran this place, how my dad ran it and how I run it.”

You nod, thoroughly cowed. You had not expected this. He sighed and smiled, the look in his eyes catching me off guard. “You’ve had a tough life, but remember that it’s part of a plan.” You sigh, ok so at least some of your expectations are met. Then he reaches over and offers his hand. You hesitantly take it, “I watched those videos, the ones of the crazies screaming at you when you went to those protests.” you stiffen at the mention of that era, you had been fired because people wouldn’t stop harassing your coworkers. It was frustrating beyond belief and had turned you off from religion completely.

“You know what I saw?” You look at his eyes, and see the eyes of a father, gleaming with pride. “I saw Jesus as he carried the cross, the apostles as they were hunted, the martyrs when they were killed for what they believed.” He released my head, “I saw divine bravery and courage as you held your head high, and atheist or not, God will always be with those who suffer injustice they way you did, the way you still do.” He nodded and stood, you stood as well, unable to speak. “With pride. With dignity.”

He held out his hand to shake, “if your still interested, I would be honored to have someone like you aboard.” You just nod, your view of the man radically changed. “Good, I hope to see good work from you, make us proud.” After that you were led to filling out the onboarding paperwork, and went home. You wondered how two very different people claim to worship the same god. You shake your head, maybe the difference between a true believer and a false one is which side works on their hypocrisy and which side denies the existence of hypocrisy. You turn over to sleep, you’ll leave philosophy to people who care. You’re just glad you have a job.


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You would think that with there being literal superheroes people wouldn’t literally rob a bank. Of course, with a gun in my face I must agree with Einstein stupidity is infinite. “On the ground!” The burly masked man shouts, an uzi in my face. I frown, “how did you get an uzi into Boston?“ I ask, ignoring him. This actually gives the guy pause, “we bought it” I shrug, “huh, might want to squeal on your seller, it’ll shorten your sentence if you play your cards right.” I offer, the free advice never hurt anyone.

the man throws back his head and laughs, giving me just enough time to take of my sunglasses. The robber looks at me and catches my gaze. The uzi drops with a clatter as the man becomes limp, tears welling up in his eyes. “Mom?” He whispers. Sinking to his knees the masked criminal weeps, I lower my head to maintain eye contact until his knees hit the floor. “Here’s my dad’s card, trust me when I say you’ll need it.” I advise, slipping my dad’s business card into his pocket.

he can’t hear me mind you, trapped in a mindscape of raw despair. Eyes of the Void, is the official name for my ability. Meeting my eyes, even a glance and overwhelming despair, usually paired up with hallucinations, will fill your mind and soul. The only one I’ve ever met able to resist my gaze was the hero Indomitable, his will is insane, and the villain Technodrone, he’s a robot so…

the other two idiots haven’t even noticed, one guarding the hostages, the other badgering the teller. I move to the hostages, avoiding looking at them directly by looking just above the robber’s head, as long as they’re outside my peripheral they’re safe. Then the guy turns, his face well with ing my peripheral vision. “No…” he chokes, “I didn’t… i’m sorry I didn’t!” Great a screamer. I walk over, cupping my hands around my eyes to limit my AOE. I get in the screaming man’s face. “Shut. Up.” I order, it’s amazing what despair does for someone’s respect for authority.

He shuts up but not before I hear a gun shot. Great, the screaming idiot alerted his friend. Luckily they seem to have never shot a gun before because this clown misses me, his buddy, the hostages, and literally anything as the recoil throws the gun to the ceiling, peppering the plaster with holes. I turn and wince, the teller got caught up in all this, tears streaming down her face.

I block her out with my hand, stopping the accidental attack before any long-term therapy is needed, trigger-happy on the other hand gets a full dose. In a second the man is curled up and weeping on the ground. I take the sunglasses out of my pocket and put them back on, pulling out my hero license, “Apologies everyone, I’m the hero Misery, please remain calm and exit the building in an orderly fashion.”

Naturally everyone runs out screaming. Thankfully the cops arrive, or not. “Hands on the ground!” I sigh, complying as the familiar feeling of cuffs wrap around my wrists. I remain silent until one cop with half a brain picks up my discarded hero license and they pass it around. All in all it was only 3 minutes of irritation but still.

There was a lot of red tape, statements giving, witnesses questioned, apologies to poor teller staff made. I finally withdrew my funds, I was at the bank for a reason, and went on my way. I had a party planned this weekend but as I would no doubt be required to talk with one PR manager or another that was out. I grumble, I had wanted to be a hero all my life, and the ability to shut down a room of hostiles is so useful but noooo, people keep pegging me a villain and it feels like shit!

”hey,” I hear a voice in the alley next to me, “Misery right?” I sigh, “No.” “Eh?” I walk away, “wait. I have a proposition for you.” I sigh, switching on the camera on my phone, speaking of villains. I turn and walk into the alley, “what?” I ask, very much done with today. “You seemed to get a lot of shit from the cops, pretty crappy the way you were treated.” The man in the weather inappropriate trench coat said, a bad attempt at sympathy, “point, or I’m leaving.”

“Why not switch sides?” He said, “Villainy is very lucrative and we sell just as much merch as heroes, without all the moral quandary!” I frown, “So you’re trying to bribe me?” I ask, the man laughs and steps forward. Oh, that’s a surprise. “No” Superhead said, a genius villain who knows damn well his name is an innuendo. “I’m trying to recruit you.” I just stare at him from behind my sunglasses. This guy had so many open warrants for his arrest, he has to be a royal idiot savant to be out here.

”ok, two things.” I say, shaking my head, “first, if you’re going up against a guy you know needs eye contact to use his power, wear glasses or something.” I rip off my shades, “and second, I work damn hard at being a hero because I care about doing the right thing with the shit deal I got.” I lean in to the frozen so called genius, “not fucking action figures.” I grab him by the collar and maintain eye contact as I drag him to the nearest police cruiser.

as I replace my shades, I watch a sobbing Superhead get shoved into the backseat. Yep, stupid is infinite, and fucking contagious.