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Your body burns fat and muscle whenever you are in a caloric deficit of any type. The benefit of a fast for quick fat loss is that it is the fastest (outside of extreme endurance exercise) way to burn fat. If you could burn 3500 calories per day (which is probably a bit more than you really do but a nice number because....) it would mean that you burn the equivalent of 1 pound of fat per day (though some of it will be muscle). There is nothing magical about ketosis that can make you burn more fat than the amount of energy you expend in a day.

If humans (who are not suffering from extreme morbid obesity) could lose 10 lbs of fat from fasting for 2 days then our species would have gone extinct long ago.

Also, you don't lose fat cells, you just reduce the amount of fat stored inside of them.

Do you reject the idea that you are also shedding large quantities of water due to glycogen reserves being depleted?


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Pad burn in is too slow and you would not notice it happening on your head over thousands of hours.

It's very different from what some people and manufacturers claim, that running white noise on your headphones for a hundred hours will change the sound.


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I see a peak at 14k. I know from experience comparing Crinacle's measurements to my ears that it will be at 12k and probably much higher in magnitude.

If it peaks after 15k, especially is it is sort of flat at the top instead of sharp like on the Dusk measurement then I just might be ok, and indeed the Dusk one of the only 2 IEMs I have heard that don't give me peaky upper treble.


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Based on my experience with comparing Crincacle's graphs vs others vs what I perceive in my own ear I would expect a nasty timbre killing 12k peak just like on the Salnotes Zero. My experience may not be represaentative though as many others do not complain of that.

I don't know anything about the construction of this unit but I'm guessing it has two drivers? It has the hallmarks of a dedicated driver for the bass but only one driver for everything else.


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I only notice it with high volume and no music playing. In actual use when I am outdoors moving around or even sitting near PC fans I have never actually noticed it during music even in the quietest passages though there are some who report that they have. Maybe if I listened to classical music lying down in a quiet room I would.


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It's the lack of distinctive features. Detail is just hearing what you want to hear. If your expectations are broad and balanced (Ie, not just honing in on what helps you hear the singer's fart at 1:37 the best) then to hear the proper detail you want a smooth response with rises in the right areas (ear gain) and no big spikes or elevated regions that mask detail in adjacent regions.

But if you are hung up on the singer's fart then you are listening for a distinctive elevation in whatever frequency region helps you hear that at the expense of other details.