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The president is Joe Biden.

There aren’t really any active theories at the DOJ that the president can’t do anything illegal, which is why there have been numerous criminal investigations into presidents like Clinton and Trump while they were in office. I think you were referring to the legal memo at DOJ that recommends against indicting a sitting president.


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I agree with the spirit of your comment but I think the details here are really important.

Firstly, it's not rich people who need to be in favor of it (they never will) it's regular people. In the U.S. 80-90% of votes in primary elections go to Republicans or centrist democrats, and until that changes we won't see policies that don't reflect the far right or the center. If we want UBI, we need to vote for it and that means in primary elections since thats where you'll find the candidates who support it.

Secondly, UBI is actually not a good solution in itself to automation because it will create a wealth gap in society that makes the growing one we have today seem tiny in comparison. Why? Because corporations / the 001% will own all the robots and make ALL the money, and then UBI is what filters out to regular people in an economy with minimal upward mobility. So we either need a solution that is based around increasing career upward mobility for most people, or we need to go full socialist and make all corporations publicly owned and all the income publicly distributed.


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It's parody of course, but "Double Team" by Tenacious D was basically written to be the epitome of this.

As for songs that are ostensibly serious, "Rock You Like A Hurricane" is kinda it. Everyone only knows the chorus so people are like, oh yeah that's just a song about rocking hard, the band is gonna rock us hard, right? Uh uh, that's a song about what to do when "the cat is purring," which, according to the lyrics, is "give her inches and feed her well" because "Lust is in cages 'til storm breaks loose"


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They're not in conflict in abstract principle, but they are in the sense of the article.

State-level laws ands state's rights are often cited by conservatives as the proper alternative to "big-government" (i.e. federal government). This was a state law that brought the police down on him even though the main issue is that the police chose to handle it like thugs instead of rational people.


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Based on these responses I assume the majority of you didn't read the article.

  1. He should not have been swarmed with a Swat team for this or arrested. Simply informing him he had violated the law and asking him to remove the post would have been sufficient and saved everyone a huge headache.
  2. He wasn't arrested because of anything related to COVID misinformation
  3. He was arrested because the tenor of his post made it sound like police were literally shooting people on sight right then and there, and obviously this creates a potential for a violent "response" by others. This absolutely crossed the line into incitement, albeit unintentionally. It's not a free speech issue.
  4. The real issue here is Louisiana's draconian pro-police laws - "Under the state’s law, it’s legal to execute an arrest without a warrant as long as there’s a reasonable basis for believing an offense has been committed"
  5. If your takeaway from this is "Big government doesn't let us have no freedom of speech" instead of "The police have way too much power to do what they want and that undermines the legitimacy of law and hurts our rights" then you missed the point.

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Is there any reason at all to think that Hu was sick? Or any reason one would watch that video and conclude that he was removed for that reason?

Because a rational person might conclude that having him removed like that right after the press was allowed in to get footage and not before was the script.