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Yup ever since they merged with McDonnell Douglas, I’ve read that they been on the downhill in terms of engineering.

The financial aspects started mattering more than the engineering aspects.

737 MAX was just a complete fiasco. I was shocked to read anything in engineering, never mind aeronautical engineering - having a single point of failure with no redundancy.

Like you said, it happened in the name of cost cutting.


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Sorry everyone,

It’s my first time posting here.

The last post I used the same title as CTV, and I agree it appears to be sensationalized for something that is not yet an active mission.

I was allowed to repost with a revised title and hopefully we can continue our discussions

Special thanks to mod SpartanJack17 for allowing me to post with a revised title.

My apologies everyone. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to change the title from the default article’s previously, so that’s why I kept it as is at the time.