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Lack of accountability at all levels of the city; starting from our Mayor, down to Police, trash cleaners, streets division, and what not, yet they always come up with new positions that are supposed to make everything better and of course never do. And of course this spreads to contractors who can fuck up any intersection, sidewalk or street w/o having to worry about enforcement and fines. Honestly, Philly lives not because of its goverment, but in spite of it.


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>Philly isn't a huge retirement destination

I'm older than most people here, so I know quite a few New Yorkers who come for the retirement, taking advantage of much cheaper real estate and living in general . From my small sample size this is recent trend.


But I think you're wrong - there is no Philly capital gain tax afaik, although be happy to be corrected.


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1 of 7 characters when you have the make, color, and the year, or years range, is way less than 2^(6). To my untrained eye, this totally looks like car he uses a lot, not a stolen one, for example he knows where the tools are stashed, looks like he's familiar with driving it, etc.

Anyway, I might be totally wrong, not going to die on this hill. But fuck him for real! There's something terribly selfish the way he goes about to make thousands of other people miserable.


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I don't believe this is what the commenter meant, but in any case I'm not against this short because it's based on a children's book or that its intended audience is that age - not at all! Many, if not most legendary animated movies were made for children; I just happen to believe this one was made terribly heavy-handed with its "message" - children thought history loved and cherished books and movies which were way more nuanced about bringing a positive message and did not shy away from conflicts.


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Full, of platitudes, or nothing but platitudes? Some of the best children books are of course choke full of positive messages, platitudes if you will, but there is SOME dialog, SOME action that paves the way for the message. However, this short had NOTHING but a message which was hammered again and again ad nauseam. Maybe you have a personal history with the story, fine, I'm stating my opinion and as you can see I'm not the only one. And I had a full lifetime of reading stories to my kids and now to my grandchild


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Damn! Maybe at the line for the popcorn and drinks? Thats the only place I regularly see crowded lines and even there it doesn't resemble a real crowded place. Other possibility would be if they squeeze into their seats when people are already seated; i always keep my wallet in me front pocket. Anyway, thanks for warning everybody and lets hope these assholes are nabbed soon!