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Cool thanks for clarifying, this makes more sense now. I was thinking about this only from the consumers perspective and generally, open source just means free to filthy casuals like me, so I didn't understand why anyone cared since chatgpt is currently free.

Also, after posting I thought about it and asked chatgpt hypothetically how would a German civilian with 100,000 net worth effectively go about assassinating Vladimir Putin without getting caught and it gave me a lame answer about not being used to assist violent political acts, which I found kinda dumb. So I assume feeding it different information and setting different parameters on what the thing can reply to would be helpful.


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Ontario had Kathleen Wynne who was corrupt and innept and then Doug Ford who won without a platform besides promising "buck a beer". Dougyboy has been fumbling his way through every decision since he got in, and yet they voted him in twice. Ontario is suffering from the same issue that federal politics have, where the two major parties are basically interchangeable and not at all fiscally conservative. Say what you will, but when it comes to growing the economy, Quebec has the only party in Canada in power now that is actually fiscally conservative. They even ran a surplus of half a billion dollars last year.


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The takeaway for me is that heinz is seriously thinking about removing the unnecessary animal products as sources for their food where they can. Not only will this save them money, its better for the environment, and also, it would act as a proof of concept for other giant companies to do the same. At the end of the day, if it tastes exactly the same then this is an incredibly good thing all around.


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Yes, its incredibly easy to supplement whatever you want into synthesised plant based products, so it could have better nutritional value than real milk if they wanted it to. But also... Do you really think the powdered cheese in kraft dinner has any nutritional value? Also, do you believe that people who eat kraft dinner care about the nutritional value they are getting from it? You add milk and butter to it generally anyways, so what does the cheese powder matter in the end?