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I couldn’t help but feel it was just the April character/mannerisms/tone etc again, but sans her usual humour/satire. I mean, she even wanted to go to South America and spoke Spanish.

And again, this character was rinsed and repeated for the new Chuckie movie. If you ever watch that I’d be interest to know your opinion.


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Bingo. Before there was beautiful Graphical User Interfaces there was completely text-based operating systems. Most, if not all of the shortcuts used back in the day still remain. It is much, much quicker to use shortcuts and run commands then the time it takes to use a mouse to point and click on something. For e.g. you could click the address bar, typed your website, then click go. Or in the browser you can press Alt+D, type your website, then hit enter or shift enter (browser dependent), and your hand doesn’t even need to touch the mouse.

Not to mention, a lot of hacking is done on Linux-based operating systems. Which once again, don’t have much of a focus on a GUI.


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Just want to say - it works great, but smoke enough of it and try to quit and find out insomnia is one of the most challenging withdrawal symptoms. I tried it for this reason and found it left me either addicted or in a much worse insomnia state trying to quit.

It also destroys your REM. So your quality of sleep is no where near as good as pulling it off sober.

DYOR just a perspective from someone with an addictive personality.


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Many years ago, Russian hackers were able to use a an old version of Adobe Acrobat to completely back door your computer. In fact, they could then use your computer/IP to hack other people. I.e. all you had to do, was just not update the program and you were completely vulnerable.

If there’s any software I would avoid pirating, it’s adobe. They (hackers) know many businesses use the adobe suite of products, and so concentrate a lot of effort onto cracking old and pirated versions of the same. It wouldn’t surprise me if they themselves pirated for the purpose of sending out Trojans malware into the world.