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Not a lawyer or DC employee, but as a gardener I don't think the city would care. The caveat would be that I'd make sure that it's actually on your property - a lot of DC houses are built right at the front of the property and the city owns what you might think of as your yard.


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As blasé as my previous post was, now I've gone down the rabbithole on NY taxes. I'm still not going to particularly worry about it, and I think my company meets the criteria for me to not have to pay this tax, but man NY's income tax law is aggressive. Given the normal dysfunction between MD, DC and VA, at least we've settled on who gets what income taxes in a sane way.


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Used to live on the other side of the convention center, which I loved. I always found it a bit grim over on the east side of the convention center - NY Ave is a drag to walk along there since it's basically a 395 extension at that point still, lots of parking lots, the highway itself, etc. The Walmart is a shitshow and I don't really care for Chinatown lately, so those aren't really pros in my book. I enjoyed the vibe of extreme southern Shaw more, with a mix of building types, less traffic, more interesting food and drink.

Mt Vernon Triangle has definitely filled out lately though, and I agree the location within the city is pretty great.


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I live close to there and have been probably 10 times since it opened. Probably 3 times there have been issues, 1 time just not getting things that were ordered, and a couple other times getting a drink after a super long time. I haven't found a pattern to when the service is bad or good - doesn't seem to matter whether the theater is full or not, or how long it's been since the place opened. Overall though, I've enjoyed going there for movies.