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A cup of black coffee, strengt somewhere between the extremes, obviously without milk. Then it would no longer be a cup of coffee, it would be a cup of coffee and cream.


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It's just incredible the level of toxicity Apple topics brings out in people.

Here you are unable to help yourself. Frothing at the mouth like an animal needing to try to insult me. And you do it while unironically calling me a caveman! It's fantastic! šŸ˜…


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Great products, yes.

Cutting edge, hell to the no.

The only somewhat cutting edge tech in the original iPhone was the screen.

AirPods were literally just an iteration on a product type that had existed for years already.

Apple fanboys are seriously the worst.


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>By definition, the first mass-market product in a category is cutting-edge

No, that's not what defines cutting edge.
By the time something is mass produced, it is no longer cutting edge.

The iPod was literally an iteration on existing players. It massively improved on storage, as other manufacturers were content just beating the ~14 tracks on CDs a few times over.


iPhone was not a niche product.
It was not cutting edge either, it was an iteration on existing phones removing the mechanical keyboard, which had already been done.

>Smart watches?

Not cutting edge.
Also not really a niche, a smart watch is an ultracompact smart phone with a wrist band. There's no new cutting edge tech in them, they're just incredibly small.

>And earlier, desktops and laptops?

Still not NICHE and still not cutting edge. All of it, iterations.

>Iā€™m old enough (sadly) to remember the pre-iPod days.

Well I am.

>The iPod wasnā€™t an iteration on the existing mp3 players.

Yes it was.

>It was cutting-edge enough that it birthed a new type of product.

No it didn't.

>Same is true for the iPhone

No it isn't.

>and the same may be true of this headset.

It very clearly won't be.
They're making their own iteration of a niche technology with low chance of success.

Jesus christ you are such an obvious fanboy, and clueless to boot. Please stop hurting yourself.


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If there one thing I've come to accept it's that yes, my generation (millennial) is extremely entitled. Like christ we're honestly as bad as the boomers, just different.

The latest iPhone, the greatest GPU, multiple consoles, all online services should be free, etc etc etc.

For instance I got so much shit for pointing out if you don't like ads on YouTube just pay for it. It's cheap as hell compared to what you get for it.


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You can dress it up differently but corruption is inherent to humanity, whichever manifestation it takes.

That's not saying all of humanity is corrupt. It's saying the potential is there and it happens organically. The goal is to go from "let's go get thousands of slave laborers" to "hey let's put this romantic dinner on the company do get a tax deduction."


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I'm a Norwegian software engineer. I'm the global 0.1%.

You don't seem to realise just how rich any westerner is, in the global context. If you live in a western/modern country and you have time to fuck around on Reddit then you literally are the global 1%.

Edit: 10 seconds in your profile history shows me an American spending much of their day playing video games. 1%'er confirmed. Welcome to the club.


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I ain't defending shit.

I'm saying in the context of the world being fucked up and governments approving coal burning again, it really is a positive to get that gas and oil flowing.

Like the other guy said, it's better to get a baseball bat to the knee than to the head.

And I am only calling people out because bitching about one guy's bank account when what he's saying is objectively true, is hypocritical as fuck.

His bank account is to us, what our lives of luxury is to a poor person in bumfuck nowhere Uganda. Fact.

You don't like that fact? Tough fucking titties, bitch.


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Gas > Oil > Coal

Hydro > Rooftop Solar > Nuclear > Wind (land) > Solar > Wind (sea) > Gas > Oil > Coal

The depressing reality is European nations are returning to the glory days of coal burning.

Increasing oil and gas supply avoids coal, and this is indeed "good" for the environment.

Anyone who wants to save the environment is free to lead a life where your carbon footprint is small enough. But y'all are a bunch of hypocrites who won't do that, while you bitch about this guy's bank account. You're no better, we're all the polluting 1%.

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