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So you warm it up beforehand, rubber band some Hot Hands to the bottle, either tape it to your leg or wear baggy pants and be slick about emptying your pockets (nobody is going to pat you down, though they may ask you to turn out your pockets, so taping it to your leg is the way to go), and piss a little in the toilet first if you're that paranoid. No workplace is ordering observed tests, that's the parole system.

You aren't wrong the only 100% way is to take a break more than a month before. But some people have a medical need, and for those people, fake pee is 100% the way to go. Dilution, cleanses, all of that stuff is way more unreliable than sneaking a warmed up bottle of fake pee in.


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I use Mint. RIP. Probably looking to switch once my current plan is up since T-Mobile is buying them. And yes, I know Mint ran on T-Mobile's network. It's not the network I have issues with. Service is great though, until you get a decent ways into the sticks or around a heavy usage area like the hospital, your data will be deprioritized.


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As somebody who has his kid in a homeschool co-op, has a family full of public school educators and support staff, and fully supports paying taxes for public schools by everyone, what these people want is nothing short of having your cake and eating it too.

There are lots of opportunities to add social enrichment to a homeschool program, they just cost money since they're not funded by public education money. These people just want the public education system to pay for their child's social enrichment.