the_new_standard t1_je3xa3y wrote

Have you not been paying attention to the news today? It's becoming increasingly clear that top AI labs have finally stumbled upon proto-AGI and are afraid to release it.

They've already invented something moderately useful which will make them trillionaires. Now they are afraid of leasing actually revolutionary because that would fuck everything up. Once it's public knowledge that AGI is possible, it's only a matter of time before more companies produce it and the market for their proto-agi products dries up.

Just like how Google had a decent LLM for years but didn't release it because they were already making a killing in the search engine business. Once you become an industry leader with you don't fire every employee and upend the whole industry.


the_new_standard t1_jdyz1s3 wrote

So here's the thing. I don't really care about what it's technically classified as.

For me I categorize AI but what end result it can produce. And at the moment it can produce writing, analysis, images and code. If any of that were coming from a human we wouldn't need to have an argument about training data. It doesn't matter how it does what it does. What matters is the end result.