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I think it's too easy to leap to a conspiracy theory when well known facts explain things perfectly well. Every one of the major tech companies is shedding tens of thousands of jobs. This is simply a market correction. They had massively over hired, massively overextended, all on the expectation that the ludicrous growth of the last 20 years could possibly continue. All while working on the technology that would make obsolete a lot of jobs, including those within the company.

I don't think it takes conspiracy to explain that they just can't afford it anymore.


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I was, but there was outside influence that warped that to some degree. Society does an awful lot of telling you what a good job is, and most of that is flat out wrong. Knowing what you want is like saying know yourself - super easy to say, rarely ever attained.


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Took me most of a lifetime to understand this. Lots of terrible "dream jobs" - good pay awful bosses and no upside for future. Took me 5 years to recognize that my current job is the right one for me.


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It's kind of too bad Microsoft's login doesn't work with popular password managers. They have so little I need, that not being able to log in has been no problem. And I'm a Microsoft developer.

Their public offerings just stink, and have gotten consistently worse. Technical offerings are pretty much a joke - the disparity between what they tell you when they train you, and what actually happens in the real world is such a huge gulf, that it's hard to credit any claim Microsoft makes about its products. They consistently underperform, have critical bugs that have been multiply reported for decades, and I do mean decades, that get the most canned responses, some of them having thousands of corroborating reports. The whole Microsoft devops program is a huge failure. Their own products attest to this.


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This used to work incredibly well with smartphone cameras, but I believe they've corrected algorithms some years before, and it doesn't wipe it out completely like it used to. Not sure about infrared specific cameras though.


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Yeah, but when it comes to not replicating, and needing another life form to do so.. sounds like an analog for sexual reproduction. Virus needs some of the mechanisms in another cell in order to produce. A human needs some of the mechanisms in the opposite sex in order to reproduce.

Sexual reproduction as such, it is not a requirement for life, it's just one of the most common ways life works here.