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As someone who dabbled with stop-motion back in the Seventies (Plasticene, utility lights, 16 mm Bolex camera) it makes me very happy that someone, somewhere, has simultaneously achieved this remarkable level of imagination, this level of visual sophistication, and this eye-popping level of technical competence!


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Some might remember that in The Longest Day, Gert was the fat, mule-riding German soldier fetching water, who was knocked on his ass by the first salvo of the Allies’ naval bombardment at dawn on D-Day.

I worked with him on a children’s tv series, The Little Vampire; delightful man & a skilled vaudeville-style comedian.


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Yes, avoid acrylic paint on your popcorn. Standard way of removing it is to thoroughly soak it with a garden sprayer and take it off with a putty knife. Should you choose to remove the texture one day, any acrylic coat you put on it will seal it against water penetration and make the removal much, much more difficult.

Be sure to thoroughly sand said spackle patches on the wall, and be sure to thoroughly clean them with TSP beforehand. But generally speaking, there should be no need to prime them.