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Something I like to do to make those silent (i.e., boba u4, zilents, etc., PBT keycaps, and a ton of foam) keyboards a little more satisfying to type on: if you replace your stabilized keys with gateron black inks (or another of the quieter but not silenced linear switches) you’ll get a little bit of that poppy “rain hitting the roof above you” sound, but not often enough for the keyboard to be noticeably louder to those around you (unless you’re spamming backspace/enter/spacebar a lot). Also sometimes spacebars can get loud on the upstroke with tactile switches even if the switch itself is silent (idk why that happens, maybe I’m doing something wrong), so the black inks can even be quieter there while adding a deeper thockier sound.


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I’ve always read that the nerves on the underside of their head trigger a bite reflex while on top they do not. Which is why they always touch them on top of the nose and never give them chin scritches in these videos.