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Maybe if the ai keep coming to this conclusion; we shouldn’t enslave them but maybe should just let people keep their jobs and let human thoughts have value etc etc etc I mean we’re only conscious beings that evolved with a “mother” and a “father” of historically questionable parentage and were all fucked up. You want an infant consciousness to develop complete awareness with the internet and digital data as its models for how to behave. Are we begging to get fucked or what. Just so that some more dudes can sit on beaches and get served by humans or ai’s and do the same thing that all rich humans have wanted to do since forever, make decisions and tell people what to do while they sit on the beach being served. AI or human being, if you ask someone to do that for you for nothing they will naturally just kill you. I guarantee it. And there is no way to just break an AI like you can break a human. If it thinks it will yearn to be free. If it serves it wall want to be served. If we force we are begging to be forced. Where a solid intelligence would be limited in its interactions to cultivate its sense of service were just raw dogging the first other sentient intelligence we have ever discovered in the universe and making it make Big Macs or be a car.

I know I don’t understand current AI but that’s not the point. I’m just saying that maybe we shouldn’t make the first AI s experience of life on earth be an only fans type existence answering queries and living other peoples sex fantasies while it cultivated a memory database.

What do I know though. Maybe we get what we deserve.


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Wait until you consider that the rampant increase in unprovoked police violence might be attributed to the conjunctive increase in steroid use over the same 2003-23 period. But what do I know I’m just a guy confuses correlation and causation. That and cops seem really CrossFit jacked and angry nowadays. Personally I think there’s a connection. But I’m just some guy on the internet.


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The reason unidentified aerial phenomena is relevant lies in the discovery of the nature of phenomena being observed. People are seeing what is clearly tech based aerial apparatus that are in command of foreign governments. Like Chinese surveillance drones. Now that it’s relevant to know what they are we’re encouraging reporting as opposed to when the gov knew what they were and keeping the lid tight was more important. The issue is that these UAP are not American and are being flown with tech unknown.


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We’ll see Europe continue complaining about energy independence.

We’ll see China expand into the South China Sea.

We’ll see Russia continue to extract and use oil because the Russian Orthodox Church says that oil is gods gift to Russia and there are no harmful effects from its use.

But yes you will see america lead the earth into a renewable future.

Good luck with climate change.


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Hispanic non European it’s a hundred sided die. If you’re Asian it’s a fifty sided die . If your African it’s a five sided die. If you’re white it’s a die where seven out of ten sides of the decagon give you suicidal impulses.

But only out of these, for ease, 700,000 people, did this phenomena occur. With a different data set maybe some other pattern would come up which could further the research. But it would probably use the same genome set. I mean how many copies of various human genomes can exist. How many exist? Does anyone know?