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I received a reply from Red Wing:

> Thank you for reaching out to us at Red Wing Shoe. I wish I had better news for you. Unfortunately due to your gait, and how the leather has formed around your foot, there is not much else that can be done for these boots.

> You could try to find some very thin insoles for extra comfort but this may cause heel slippage which could be more uncomfortable.


Lesson learned: don't wait too long with re-soling if you have a weird gait like me.


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Look at this picture from behind:

See how the entire shoe, especially the left one, is leaning outwards? The soles were worn on the outside before I re-soled them and the leather stayed in that shape even after re-soling. I wonder if that can be fixed. But yes maybe contacting Red Wing is the way to go. I hope I don't have to ship them to the US since that will probably cost a lot..


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Had these boots for maybe 10 years. Re-soled them several times but maybe too late? They are kind of "skewed" towards the sides, see this picture. It's most prominent on the left. The leather is also cracked in some places, although the biggest issue is that they are skewed. Can anything be done about this? They are very uncomfortable currently. Shame, I've loved them.

Edit: I have greased them regularly, at least once/year. Too seldom?