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Holy cow, my local branch--the Santore library--is on this list! I love that place but it's hard to advocate for it sometimes. Few people love it as much as I do, and of those people nobody but me wanted to make noise about needing more staffing, hours, and money. This is a big win!


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I agree it’s not a direct answer. A lot of us do use mobility aids so issues like not blocking curb cuts, having walkable sidewalks, and etc are all really important.

But are we gonna get those sidewalks fixed under a Parker administration so a woman who uses a wheelchair can safely travel outside? Is a Parker administration gonna help the Housing Authority make units accessible? As Mayor would Parker work with the Mayor’s Commission for People with Disabilities or would that group generally be ignored? We don’t know.


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I was there for the event last night (I was the guy whose question for Cherelle Parker was about Disability quality of life under a Parker administration) and I kind of thought Nutter was tough on both Parker and Gym. Parker and Gym both differed on how they approached those questions.

Gym got a lot of applause out of the crowd during her exchanges with Nutter. Another panelist, Leaphart, wasn’t so friendly to Gym either.

It’s also important to think about Nutter and his connection to the Citizen. He’s trying to do stuff post-mayoralty and right now that includes a podcast series with the Citizen (The How to Really Run a City podcast) which is probably why he was at these Ultimate Job Interviews too.

Another UJI isn’t scheduled which is a shame. There are more candidates to go but I sense the Citizen has a small staff so capacity is an issue. Also the candidates who haven’t gone (A. Brown, DeLeon, Bloom, Mike Stack, David Oh) are probably seen as less-viable.


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I live in Queen Village. Can I have my 24 hours in the summertime? Because then I’d do something to get ATVs and similar vehicles off South Street. Don’t know if that’s confiscating them, setting up barriers, or what but it’s the one issue that unites basically all of QV