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Unbelievable to me. They're a detriment to the city, proven to be corrupt as fuck year-over-year, punish responsible people who need to leave their cars places when they're out drinking or something, take parking away from purely residential areas where they don't belong at all... they're scum. And the people deepthroating this abusive, backwards, harmful organization truly baffle me.


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That's definitely something you're going to want to check on within the particular organization you're going to be working with. If I remember correctly not every department requires you to be within city limits or you might have to be in the city for a few years before moving out with the same organization, I believe it all depends. Definitely worth looking into.


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I've seen a bunch, but the prices were stratospherically high, like laughably absurd. 2000 for studio/1brs, 2200 for outdated rowhomes in deep south Philly, etc. I'm starting to look around again to buy after a disappointing year of losing out on a cash offer 30k over asking, or the other case of 25k over asking with no inspections. Hopefully sellers start gently removing their heads from their asses.


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It exists, it's better than some other cities without transit at all. If you live in the Center City area and generally don't have to leave the city, it's typically okay but is not nearly as reliable as it should be. If you have to travel out of the city it can be pretty difficult at times depending on where you're going and how much time you're willing to allocate to traveling.


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If you get a spot in a parking garage, you can park wherever you want there, Canada plates or not. I would budget about $250 to 300 bucks a month for that option. If you are going with a street parking permit, not only are you going to have a pretty much impossible time finding parking in center city, but you're also going to need to register your car at your new address in the city.


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While the have kids move to the burbs part is true (and the smart move unless you've got private school money) , there are still plenty of us without kids waiting on the sidelines for sellers to get their heads out of their asses with jokingly sky-high, overinflated asking prices. It's absurd, and sad really, touring some of these places where people have done zero work to a house they bought in 2018 and are asking 70-100% (or more!) than their purchase price.