thegreatincognitum t1_j1g3a57 wrote

Nonstick coatings scratch and peel over time, so they're inherently not bifl. Cast iron or carbon steel can be seasoned to create a natural polymer coating that resists sticking and can be reapplied as needed. They are susceptible to rust though, and you can't cook high-acidity foods because it will dissolve the seasoning. So your best bifl bet is a good set of stainless like allclad, and just get used to cooking with them. If anything does stick, you can deglaze the pans, and in dire situations, they're basically indestructible, so go to town with whatever scrapers and scouring pads you need while you're learning. After getting the hang of them, they cook much better than nonstick anyway because you can't develop a fond on nonstick.