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100%. I live pretty close too, and there’s a lot of ridiculous driving for sure - that 14th and Colorado intersection is especially bad, with the weird merge and confusing stop lines.

Doesn’t help that a lot of it - including this crosswalk - are quite poorly lit compared to further south.


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Are you suggesting that it would somehow be the pedestrian’s fault if they got hit? They were already most of the way across the street when this happened - the car zipped between them and the sidewalk they were approaching.

The pedestrian 100% had the right of way, and they were attentive enough that they didn’t get hit.


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I’m not sure what your point is here re: echo chambering getting people killed. Obviously the roads aren’t safe for people to have their heads in the clouds, and even if they were safe enough people should still pay attention.

Are you saying this post - an anecdote about dangerous driving - will give people false confidence when crossing the street? That the title of this post will somehow influence pedestrians more than the “state law drivers must stop for pedestrians” signs at most crosswalks (but not this one)? That stopping for pedestrians when someone could conceivably blow past is just putting pedestrians at more risk?