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I've lived in a couple places in Newington and I've not seen any significant amount of crime in the last 10 years that I've lived here. I live near the center now and the worst I've seen is that my neighbor leaves his cars unlocked and had someone grab a few things out of it one night. I used to live in an apartment right on the west Hartford line and the worst I had happen was that my bike got stolen, but I'm fairly certain that was the apt maintenance guy because I had to leave my storage unit open for him. Haven't heard about much cat theft or anything like that, but I'm sure it exists like it does everywhere.

My bet is that the statistics are artificially inflated due to the turnpike and the associated shoplifting and sketchy stuff that happens in the dingy little motels.


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I would say you're referring to situations where there is no good guy with a gun. I've yet to read about a situation where a mass shooting devolves into a gun fight. There's either it ends immediately due to a CCL holder, or it goes on for 30 minutes until the cops show up. My take away from that is that it's a benefit to yourself and your personal safety if you seek out a CCL and training.


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I would say that argument doesn't really apply to police. In general the police will arrive too late to do anything about it. The good guy with a gun argument applies to someone who is concealed carrying and is able to respond with force to stop the situation. There have been multiple accounts just this year where a CCL holder stopped a shooting since they were on site and able to surprise the shooter.

Two notable accounts from this summer alone.