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Don't ever try to compare guns to cars. That is not the comparison to make your case, it actually completely breaks it, because that's EXACTLY what proponents of gun control want. The same as automobiles:

  1. Owner information registered with sate agency. (Title + Registration with DMV)
  2. A license to operate, showing that you have met set standards of knowledge and aptitude prior to being allow use of it. (Driver's License and testing.)
  3. Insurance, when said device causes damage or harm to others. (Car Insurance)

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>While paying 18.9% interest back to you, right?

Damn, that should be a law! Like how when you put power back into the grid via solar or such, and the power company has to pay you at the same rate they charge you for it.

If your Credit Card is in negative balance, then the credit card company should legally have to pay the same interest they charge on it.

Edit: After further reflection, they'd just probably cut you a check the second your account hits negative. Wishful thinking though.


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I never understood that. Here in America we have corporations suing cities to get what they want. I don't understand why the cities can't just go, "You're suing us? Well, until it's settled in court, we're suspending your business license to operated within city limits."

Corps have been become so big, so rich, and so powerful, they really are the ones in charge now.