thekyledavid t1_j804haw wrote

Let’s say I have a pet squirrel, and I let it roam free

One day my squirrel finds its way onto your yard, and your new cat decides to attack it, the same way any cat would

After I find out your cat killed my squirrel, I come over to your yard with a gun, and I shoot your cat dead

Is this justified revenge, or am I a crazy person that killed a cat for no good reason?


thekyledavid t1_j6jqafd wrote

Because the people who were responsible were arrested right away

Nobody is claiming that BLM can somehow stop every murder, it’s just that people should be held accountable when a murder does happen

For comparison, it took 2 and a half years for Breonna Taylor’s killers to be arrested, and that was only after BLM got involved and made her a worldwide name


thekyledavid t1_j6j7zte wrote

Did the news ever provide solutions to our problem?

If a problem was so easy that some person with no expertise in the field could solve it on the same day that it becomes a problem, then I’d say that problem is too insignificant to make the news

Real news I supposed to just give you the facts on an issue and let people decide how they want to deal with it. The only news stations who think they “provide solutions” are most likely stations like Fox News that try to shove their opinions down everyone’s throats