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Not gonna lie, it took me a while to be able to understand some of the older crowd around here, lol. Especially when they speak at a fast pace. The older folk from Down East/Harker's Island have the heaviest accents that I've heard. Had a few teachers growing up from there and it was a bit interesting at times haha.


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Grew up in coastal NC and it was usually breakfast>lunch>dinner. Especially since at school theres a big emphasis on "lunch" though people might say supper instead of dinner, was still usually the biggest meal at the end of the day. The area was settled by a lot of english settlers, and some of them on this isolated island basically kept their accents to this day. Bit of a trip to hear.


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I wish I knew, honestly. I bet that it is "missing" from somewhere. Thats why I was so surprised to see it just laying around in the attic. It might have been damaged or missing pins or something, when I picked it up, the upper receiver basically just about came out. Hinged forward from the stock/lower and gave me a good look at the internals. I just kinda put it back down where I found it lol. Wasn't expecting it to be as heavy as it was.


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While not a nuke, had a girlfriend once who's dad kept his M4 from his service. I'd have never seen/held one otherwise. I was helping her with something and outta nowhere was like "Is that a fuckin m4 in your attic?" and no, he did not have any sort of licenses or anything to have it.


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My dad did air monitoring for stuff like asbestos abatement, and we lived in New York right outside NYC when 9/11 happened. He showed up to help, also took some air samples himself. I definitely vividly recall him telling me that basically everyone who was there absolutely was exposed to ALL KINDS of shit in the air. He still has the hardhat signed by Giuliani somewhere.


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lol you joke, but from my experience carbon fiber comes in two varieties: expensive and ungodly expensive lmao. The pre preg stuff that has resin already in the material is what I consider the ungodly expensive stuff, and the dry stuff that's intended for wet layup is STILL pretty expensive. Fiberglass is so good nowadays itll get you like, 90% of the way there at like 1/10 of the cost. Fiberglass parts can be every bit as strong as the carbon ones, though obviously the diff comes in the weight, which is still pretty close between the two.

Always makes me scratch my head when I'm making a part or see a part made outta carbon where the application is not weight-critical. Which happens a lot more often than I thought would be the case. Then, even funnier, is when the part is half-assed and they end up using more resin and not even gaining any weight savings from the material.


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Way better than what the local crackhead did where I live. Dove in the water in the fall (closing on winter), and they were waiting for him on the other side. I'm impressed that he actually made it all the way across the river, though.


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I read the lake was saline, but I'm sure there were still plenty of uses, as you mention, despite the salt. But when I first commented it was like everyone was avoiding the elephant in the room, lol. I can't believe the whole thing just disappeared like that, though. Crazy. And even just the height it was at sorta blew my mind.


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Damn, all these jokes, but that sounds pretty fuckin serious. Pretty wild to have such an enormous body of water that high above sea level. "at an altitude of approximately 3,700 m (12,100 ft)."

"In 2002 the lake was designated as a site for conservation under the Ramsar Convention. By December 2015, the lake had completely dried up, leaving only a few marshy areas. Although the lake has dried up completely twice in the past, it does not appear that it will recover this time."

cool. cool. cool. this is fine. Was only the SECOND largest lake in the country.


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You've got a nice way of putting to words ideas that I sometimes struggle to communicate, but I definitely would have to agree that coming together is vastly superior to basically any alternative. We're at a point where you have entire nations with people living next door to one another seeing each other as enemies. It almost sounds laughable to even consider that we COULD tackle some of the crazy issues we now face, given how little unity there ever seems to be on anything.

I'm someone who had a bit of a rough go of it, early in life. I had ADD/ADHD combined (not sure what it is nowadays, but thats what I WAS diagnosed with, in the 90s.) and always struggled with school. Then struggled with addiction for a while right out of highschool. These hardships, I feel, gave me far better perspective on the human psyche. And a bit of insight into just how similar we all are to one another. I really hate the idea nowadays of just throwing the whole person away, and I definitely think positive change is possible. I'll have to try and remember to always be civil, as you mention, as it really is the only way to cut through the bullshit a lot of the time.

Your final thoughts on the matter, there, echo my own quite nicely. I think that usually if you can get far enough along with any given person, that you can find SOME kind of common ground or understanding. Most of the time. I do hope that we (the collective we, lol) can learn to put aside our differences to a much greater degree than we do today. It almost seems like we've taken a few steps back in that area, though, in the last decade or so. One thing is for sure, to me, though, and its that extreme views really don't promote much positive change, even if you personally believe your cause to be righteous.


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Absolutely. Unfortunately, I did end up falling into that, a bit, and it never helps or makes you look good, thats for sure. And yeah it's kinda shocking, at times, the degree to which people will willing separate from reality to push certain narratives/to win arguments. Honestly, this type of stuff is definitely worrying. Can't even have a simple convo about an initialism without there having to be a "good" and a "bad" side. And yknow, the whole thing where its okay to not agree 100%. That doesn't have to mean the person you're speaking with is a literal child, or something like that. This new hardline attitude for everything is just not the way, imo. Sure, feel strongly about whatever you want, but that does not suddenly make your cause important, nor does it make you superior to others. Picking a side shouldn't be thought of in a way that invokes superiority. Yet nowadays everyone and their moms seemingly thinks they are better than everyone else, simply because they believe in "the correct side." Anyway, I hope some of these things can be reverted, maybe with people realizing these extreme caricatures are not representative of anyone, really. But I'm not holding my breath.


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Absolutely agree. Its pretty wild how they go full circle basically with that type of thing. Trying to act high and mighty and end up doing the exact same thing they are claiming to be against. One of those keyboard warriors even just now told me I need to "shut the fuck up," oh no! We got a tough guy over here! Yeah its pretty ridiculous overall. We can speak to each other like decent people even if we don't agree, there is literally no need for all the above and beyond crazy shit these guys were doing, and trying to psychoanalyze me and all that, give me their own backstories. Just weird as fuck, especially with that superiority angle that literally every single one of them was using in their arguments.


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Actually. Theres all of fucking 3 or 4 of you fuckin weirdos that said anything like that. There were just as many that voiced an opinion similar to my own. You're absolutely fuckin ridiculous, and I hope you have a great day. Take care, dickhead. You were FAR more insufferable, and I hardly said anything more than a fuckin joke before you judgemental pricks went off the deep end with your absolute JOKE of comments towards me.

Also since I can't reply to the bullshit comment underneath this one, u/step-father_of_lies

Look who's fucking talking dude. Wtf is wrong with you? Someone needs to smack the shit outta you, probably just havent had that happen yet in your life, but you will.


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Lmfao. As if the way these people have been speaking to me HASN'T been offputting and annoying? Dude what kinda bullshit double standard are you applying, over there, and why should anyone take it seriously? Look at the crazy stuff this guy, the other guy, and yourself, are saying.

I made a joke, the joke featured sarcasm, but the comment itself was not sarcastic towards anyone. I wasn't acting disrespectful towards anyone until I was being disrespected and talked down to myself. Not sure where or why you guys are getting this high and mighty attitude from, but its way worse than anything anyone got from me in this thread.

Lmfao thats so god damn hilarious "they don't know its offputting and annoying." "haven't had enough exposure to other people" like dude you don't see this crazy ass shit you're doing here? Who the fuck does that? You legitimately think you know something about what you're talking about, thats so fucking hilarious and classic reddit, right here.

Really, you have no fucking clue what you're talking about. And its clear. Stop trying to pretend like you're better than others and be a normal fuckin person. That shit is beyond fuckin weird to assume you know all this shit about other people who you don't even know, and then deciding that this knowledge grants you permission to put yourself above me and act like you have superiority over me. Thats the most pathetic fucking thing I've ever heard.


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Its literally not the same. I'm not a politician trying to decide on some policy that affects everyone, or anything like that. In this instance, someone is saying something is so popular, everyone knows what it is. Saying I don't isnt just arguing from anecdote, its actually relevant. Because I was only asking a damn question. I never made an argument about whether this media is the most popular in the world. its the reverse, if anything. You should be saying this to the other guy, who claimed that the media was so well known, because even they knew what it was. The burden isn't exactly on ME to prove that I haven't heard of it, as is the case in this instance. I already declared that, openly. I was only asking what the media was, and they told me essentially "everyone knows about this." Which makes "I don't know about this" perfectly reasonable as a response. I'm not exactly debating this person. I'm responding to what they just said to me. Its not a statement meant to prove anything other than their bar for what "everyone has seen this" means is clearly too high, and I'm saying at the same time that I haven't/didn't know what it was. Thats it. I'm not speaking for anyone else. As well, that person saying "everyone does know about this" is just as much of a generalization as ME saying "not everyone does."


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I appreciate it, though I think people have pretty much just decided they don't like me, and sorta gave their own undertones and backstory to everything I've said so they can act like I'm the bad guy, or something. Dunno if you saw any of the characterizations made about me, but they are all over the place, and obviously pretty derogatory in nature. Pretty wild reaction over a statement like this, I think.

I genuinely was joking, and yes, the joke used sarcasm, but I wasn't being sarcastic towards OP with the joke or the followup statement. In my mind, everyone was in on the bad joke. If anything, I was even sorta joking on myself saying I didn't know what this evidently popular media was. And at the time I made the comment, there was around two comments total in the thread, and the post was at +50 votes. Pretty innocuous in my mind. Wild as fuck to log back on 12 hrs later or whatever and now multiple of my comments are in the negative hundreds lmfao.

In the nearly decade I've had this account, these comments are now among the most if not the most controversial I have ever made, apparently. This site is becoming pretty awful with the negativity these days. I guess that's just what the assumption was that was made about me, that I was being negative. But this whole thing is fuckin weird to me. Don't think I even really said anything too egregious, lol.


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Evidently so, nowadays lol. Even just making a comment NOT talking down to me, in response to me, is enough to warrant catching some flak, apparently. Persona non grata over here. Not sure exactly who's cheerios I shit in with my incredibly hot take on being a bit behind popular media, but apparently it was a lot of people. I do think its interesting how many different ways people tried to frame my words/portray me to make me look bad. I even said multiple times over I know I'm out of the loop. But its like people just decided nah fuck this guy, lol. Nothing I said was even disrespectful or anything until I myself started being disrespected outta nowhere. Pretty fuckin bizzare, to say the least.


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Yep, I'd surely take advice from you. And its just reddit, man. Nothing to take seriously. Especially some bullshit like this, haha. I do find it funny the crazy reactions from people like you deciding you know all about me and all that. Its always fuckin hilarious when people try to do some insane shit like that based on just about zero. And the response in general is pretty insane to say to someone over some innocuous joke they made.

Imagine passing someone at work, they tell a joke, and you come at them with "you're the type to never admit fault in an argument and must make everyone around you miserable," lmfao.


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Its a little odd, to say the least, the overall reaction to these couple comments I made. It's hardly even close to the most controversial thing I've ever spoken about/said on reddit, and I don't think I was really being too disrespectful until I was being disrespected myself. These comments are now up there with the most downvoted comments I have ever made on reddit in the decade (nearly) that I've had this account, lmfao.

Its a bit strange, but I suppose my comments responding to this thread made up a good portion of the comments at one point, so it was pretty visible for a while. No idea what was so controversial about a lame ass joke, though. Its like they decided anything I said wasn't genuine, period. And further, went ahead and gave me this crazy backstory lmao. Its not just this guy, right here, saying I'm trying to tell others what to do, or that I'm a dickhead or something, but even had another person give me another evaluation on how they know for sure I'm the type to never admit fault and all this other crazy shit. Based off a whole three or four comments at that point, lmao.


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Haha, yeah its a bit odd to say the least. Would you believe these comments are now the most downvoted I've ever made, pretty much, in all the nearly 10 years I've been on the platform? I'm not sure how/why people decided I was a douche from the start, but it sure is strange. Even had people deciding my whole life story and everything lol.