themanfrommars101 t1_j2dkp6q wrote

Due to falling birthrates in the developed world it looks like the population is going to plateau so I'm not too worried about it. Economically some of those countries are going to hurt but places with a lot of immigration like US and Canada will be fine.

People are going to college less because they're realizing it's a massive long-term financial risk depending on their field of study. More people are going into trades that are always in demand and have skills to show for it. College, at least in America has become an overpriced social club for 20 year-olds where the quality of education has been decaying thanks to administrative garbage and tenured professors. I don't like this elitist notion that those who didn't go to college are inferior people. I know plenty of college dropouts who are intelligent. It's arrogant to believe the "educated" aren't being manipulated.