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Bills seafood in Westbrook. The old Lyme sports tavern in old lyme.... Born and raised here in ct my 51 years here. Couple good pizza places too. Pepes in New haven. There is a kick ass go Cart track in Wallingford. Ct is not that big so it might be worth a trip.

Enjoy your stay we do have a lot of taxes here....but if your visiting its not so bad. Come on over....


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Single family income I work she of 2 kids.

2nd shift 37 per hour 1800 square foot vernacular 1850 farm house .39 land.. Working on it since 2012 bought a foreclosure 65k. Needless to say it needed love lots of love. We gave it he'll fixed it up and we are up more than double. Comps in the area about 240k. I have 8 years to go and it's paid off. Whoop whoop