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To not here. Vitamin D should or even must be paired with K2. Vitamin D on its own goes to your blood and fatty cells. Pairing K2 with Vitamin D moves it to the bones and teeth. Essential it’s where it is putting the calcium in your body. So if you were to say prone to heart conditions or breathing Vitamin D alone can worsen those conditions. Matched with K2 alleviates this problem and puts the calcium where it belongs.


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This is so poignant for me today. I spoke to my social worker today he’s new. We spoke and asked about my mental health. I said well I suffer from high anxiety/panic attacks, adhd, depersonalization and depression. He says “Wow talking to you I would have never guessed it, you speak so well.” I told him. We get through the days wearing a mask and I’m good at wearing it. But still gotta move forward.