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We had a balanced federal budget until bush decided to commit war crimes and start a decades long war in two countries that blew money we didn't have.... Did you whine about that as much?

Don't bring them into this the youngest one would be over 100 now and under 20 then... They wouldn't "know"

, the reason the great depression stayed around for as long was the lack of government intervention... In cascading problems. But hey, they needed to spend billions of dollars to help companies take over countries, they needed to whip up fake wars to spend billions on.... They knew the value of the dollar back then.


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So, when you crash your car, they set it on fire to "burn the bad chemicals away"?

So, when a normal two lane goes through a town, you are fine with going 100 miles per hour?

There is a fucking world of difference between rail and cars. Rails go one way and there should be no unknowns. Yeah, you can legislate that. Like if people were wanting to make roller coasters safer, you'd be whining about "well, we should make the swimming pool safer'


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Yes. When I watch Footloose, I cheer for Kevin Bacon's character not the religious leader that bans things for other people's high school students doing because he doesn't like it.

We knew that leader was a bad guy or villain to fight against because they are doing a thing call "oppression",,, we found that ot back in the 80's. I don't like that shit coming to my state.


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Board member Troy Williams, who is pastor at Calvary Church in Lebanon, said the musical sticks to the basis of the 1960s television show and is the number one school musical in the country, but said the show has no place in the district.


The Addams Family musical reflects today’s culture, Board member Robbie England said, but he did not view that as a good thing.



wait, the musical is sticks to the 60's show but refects modern culture by going toward dispair and death.... wait. what?


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Jesus. this is funny.

"Push" a novel about a young teen who was failed by the education system, abused by her family is banned from a high school for ... "not meeting the standards of developmental appropriateness"

yeah, I guess 16 year olds can't read about a woman being abused by her family... what age range is "developmentally appropriate" to learn that other people get abused? Do teenagers have to read children's novels until they turn 18.

"shush shush honey, I know tomorrow you are turning 18 tomorrow but I can't let you read about anything bad in this world... that is why we banned talking about war, slavery, native desolation, the holocaust(which we both know is fake).... anyway, good luck on giving birth to your second child"

Fucking snowflakes


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I don't remember losing sick days. I remember losing "personal days" that actually added to our sick leave but I could be wrong.

I remember losing out on multiple steps b cause of the 2008 fuck ups that really sucked because multiple years in, I would have been higher but they could have fix d that and I just haven't paid attention


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Hmm, that sucks. I'm getting to the point where I have the limit saved up and next year I'll have to take like 5 weeks in the year.

I had a friend who got like one-two weeks a year, it didnt roll over. I know a lot of people who don't really even get to take their leave. Having 5pm come or Friday ends I am out of the office, no one is calling me


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For the new people, you are right because it isn't like the pension is great these days, and pay has always been under the private sector. Leave and insurance are some of the only benefits left that could draw someone in.

and yeah, I don't know why anyone near retirement wouldn't float out telework as long as possible and then just retire when it comes to it.


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Well, there is something to be said for being a voice of reason. However, I have seen the state do dumb dumb things regarding state employees for decades now. Oh, the republican congress and republican governor starts not to pay into the pensions, cool... then they complain about the pensions being underfunded and have cut the pension - on of the things that really brings folks into the state employement.

They also don't do half measures or easy situations, like if I could go into the office when I want to, i'd be in more often but it would have to be every wednesday or one wednesday every month, similar to the AWS bullshit. I'm not doing that, i'm staying home full time if i can.

It is possible that the union gets telework into the new contract and those usually do include general management level staff as well, since it is easier but it is possible that management level are not included in that.


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Ridge started it, Rendell continued it.

The shitty part, is that if they paid in like a normal company 401k, you know, matching up to a certain point.... The pension system would be fine. You have to invest even in the crappy market because eventually it won't be crappy. And that thing you bought forn50$ now costs 500$.

Even matching half up to the rate the pa employees put in retirement would be 3% and the state didn't even pay that in for like 29 year


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I tried, it was removed because rule 3.

So, going by the rules and the removal, that is why I assume this is not a friendly sub to folks doing DIY. Looks to be just a place to show off. So, to follow the rules of this sub, just looking for an actual place to discuss projects and if folks have any insight to the specifics.


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I'd love to, that is why I posted originally but it does not meet the community standards.

a vine trellis using cattle panels but rather than one panel across, i'm looking at two. I have a design in mind, I have planned out putting a certain amount of posts to hold it up. I have looked on here, on reddit in general, and on youtube. I haven't found much. I was wondering if anyone had any experience doing this dumb thing.

So, to keep it within the community guidelines. the specific question, is there another subreddit, since this can't be discussed here.