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Oh wow, thanks for the heads up. I’m looking forward to the experience but also I’m not haha. Going to definitely layer up with my cool weather gear and pick up some cold weather stuff as well.


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Oh I believe you. Like I said, when its in the teens here on the rare occasion it’s like death. I can only imagine dropping a few degrees and then into the low low low -40s must be exponentially worse. Thanks for the heads up!


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Gentleman and a scholar right here. Thanks for the info haha - I’m going up to Montreal Canada and it’s definitely not -44 but it’s going to be pretty cold and when I saw this, I figured if you guys can do it, I could probably get some information from the more extreme location that can translate to a lesser extreme location.


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New Yorker (city) here. What the hell does it feel like outside when it’s -44 degrees????? When it hits 10 degrees here, it feels like death. What is -44f suppose to be? How does one survive it, what clothes can you wear? Does the car even start?

Ps would love to visit when it’s actually warmer lol