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I watched the video.

"It's okay to be white" has been embraced by White Supremacists. It was a loaded question and not a useful poll.

Ad Fontes Media rates Rasmussen Reports in the Skews Right category of bias and as Reliable, Analysis/Fact Reporting in terms of reliability.

A poll asked if it’s ‘OK to be white.’ Here’s why the phrase is loaded.

Adams used a biased, dog-whistle phrase to make racist statements. I hope more people will respond, in case you actually want to learn how not to be racist, but I'm so tired of this.


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Pitbulls are not the most likely to bite or attack. But if they do attack, they are much more likely to persist and cause serious harm.

When I have looked at shelter pups in Maine, the pitbull mixes were usually called lab mix.

I've met sweet bit bulls, but they are very strong and not an appropriate pet for me. On ice, a pit bull would too easily pull me off balance. I have a poodle, low prey drive, has learned calm leash manners.

Pit bulls are the dogs most likely to be euthanized. Of dogs I've known that had unplanned litters, it's always pitbulls. So, so many pit bulls at shelters.

Some hypermacho individuals get pitbulls to look tough and aggressive; the dogs are not properly trained, not neutered, and too often abandoned.

Neighbor next door has a pit bull pup; she's training him well, gives him lots of exercise and attention; I like him and appreciate his owner's diligence. Another neighbor has an intact Amer. Staffordshire. He's a beautiful animal whose owner takes good care of him, but if he attacked, it would be very dangerous. Both of these dogs were abandoned by their previous owners.

I used to have a small dog, and the number of parents who allow or encourage kids to behave badly with small dogs is wild. I had to be super-vigilant, because no matter what ground rules I set, parents would ignore them. The dog would be the one to suffer if he bit a misbehaving child who took his toy or crowded/ pulled/ teased him too much. Currently have a poodle; kids love her velvety fur, and she shows no aggression, but I always supervise.

My child was attacked by an unsupervised dog and was fortunately okay; the owners were absolutely irresponsible. I feel so bad for this child who has been harmed for life.


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I'll turn the heat up to 60 F overnight to protect the pipes; wind pulls heat from buildings, too, and the only time I came close to frozen pipes was subzero temps + wind. My usual overnight setting is 50F.
In wind, a layer of petroleum jelly on your face can help; and wear one of your cloth face masks from Covid.
Frostbite is fast in low temps with wind.
Fleece tights under your pants; anything other than cotton is warmer than jeans, I can't find affordable wool pants these days.
Wear wool & fleece instead of cotton.
Pull the curtains; glass is a poor insulator and will let the cold in.
A hot water bottle or metal water bottle with hot tap water keeps you cozy.
Your pets' feet can get too cold; don't keep them out long.
I always have emergency supplies in my car, including socks, mittens, hat, blanket, water, jar of hard candy, granola bars, fleece. Severe weather is hard on cars.
I hate going out in subzero weather, so I won't.

Give handwarmers, mylar emergency blankets, chocolate, and dunkin or other gift cards to homeless folks; the shelters will be bursting, some of them won't go.


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50F, Nest thermostat doesn't go lower. I get the living room cozy - 65+ with the wood stove. I have a boiled wool sweater-coat that I wear in the morning while the stove gets going. Wool sox, fleece, etc. With the coming very cold temps, the house may be drafty and I'll use 2 down comforters, plus a wool blanket. And a hot water bottle or 2 if needed.

Sometimes I bake bread or something because it's so nice to have a really warm kitchen.


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Put pressure on elected officials. US House Speaker Kevin '15 Votes' McCarthy has vowed to increase use of fossil fuels. This is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing. Write to Pingree, Golden, King, Collins - tell them we must reduce fossil fuel use. Same with your Maine legislators.

There are things that can be done.

Debunking 3 Common Climate Change Myths
Climate change is anthropogenic
It’s not just a problem for future generations
There is a lot we can do so mitigate it


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This is very amusing and whoever did this should be commended.

Yes, soda is really bad for you. It's full of sugar, bad, or fake sweetener, not good, and phosphorus, bad.