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We are more aware AND things changed too. We do not tolerate the abuse anymore like we did 40 years ago.

Also, global news. Before interet, news was way more local. Most news were from the city, some from the state and few from the country. International news were almost non-existant. So only the big things came out. A bad officer was not a big thing.

Now, with internet, you know about everything all around the world, in a matter of seconds!

Now we start to see some patterns. One bad officer here, another there, yet another, oh and 5 here, 6 there and so on. Now it is not a single officer in your news area, but lots of international ones. Now it's a big things.

And, also, 9/11. News on TV got a longer segment. Pre-9/11 it was 30 minutes here. Now it's 1 hour. They now have time for the less big things that happened everywhere. In fact, they have no choice in some way than talk about it, they need to fill the time they have or else they just repeat themself! Remember, most of the year there is not even enough local material to fill 15 minutes of news. Now they have to do 60!


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There should be barelly any air comming out from the oil cap. If any significant amount comes out when new then the unit is faulty.

Also, that unit is very weak. It is about only good for finishing nail gun. It do not have the air flow to power any significant tools, and virtually no reserve capacity.


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A thing to note, propane have 91500 BTU per gallon. BBQ now are 40-60000btu.

How powerfull is that heater? If it is bellow the 40kbtu then it is not worse than a BBQ.

I do agree with the 40lbs tank.

Also, do not insulate the pipe or worse, the tank. They will get colder when you use propane, you want them to warm up. And yes, cold air is still warmer than the tank!


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Since you died the tank water, the only place clean water can come from is from the filling tube going inside the overflow. If you lift it you may not see any water comming out from it.

There is only a single valve (the float), after that valve the water split into two path: tank and filling tube. It may siphon all of the water into the filling tube, causing no raise in the tank.

You can do something: put the filling tube in the tank, see if the water raise now. If it do then you have a proof that it is that.


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DUH! of course! . . . Why didn't I tought about that before?

And it explain also why in winter too, we set the heating at 18°C at night and 21°C during the day, but the ceiling itself being the attic is most likelly quite colder (the insulation is trash, I need to redo it, maybe this spring?)


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Well, we would have solved that with a shield of some sort, because having a black hole instead is more interessing!

We could even get rid of all of our trash! Just send it in the black hole and gone!


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A long time ago, in like 1997, there was a woman on a chat channel with her true name. A/S/L was the norm back then. So she go with her true city., enter the name and city, find her phone number, sent it to her in pm. She freaked out. But it was a good wake up call for her. She then used a fake name, and a nearby city.