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My migraines practically disappeared once I started taking magnesium and complex B supplements. This happened after I went to see a neurologist and he questioned caffeine intake and mentioned off hand some success with magnesium and B supplements before recommending botox injections into my neck... Went with the supplements and now migraines are rare, often more triggered by weather patterns/pressure. Had success with Bio-Kult Migrea but not just take magnesium and complex B as part of different supplement routine.


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It might effectively break the internet. People may become disillusioned with being online, particularly in terms of social media etc., particularly when a lot of associated digital professions disappear. It may push people back into a non digital world. To be autonomous again. To connect locally again, with neighbours, friends. Become interested in local governance. It might... but probably not. It will change how we navigate online though. We've gone from terminals to personal computers to smart phones. I can see a progression where wearable tech, maybe even augmented reality, becomes as common place as the smartphone. Where you no longer visit sites but communicate directly with your AI companion, who could have multiple personalities and areas of expertise depending the context, be it digital/real. Think Jarvis/Friday etc. Who knows.