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I see them literally every night when I’m walking the dog. And I can sort of understand it in the city with it being so bright.

But what blows my mind is when it’s the cops. Like guys, WTF?!

Step 1, lights on. Step 2, car in gear.

It’s not hard!


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Busses carry fewer people.

Busses require more drivers per unit of passengers.

Busses would need to go slower to safely navigate the tunnels.

Busses have higher maintenance cost.

Busses burn fuel, the exhaust will need to be removed from the tunnel.

I could go on but busses in tunnels is worse in every way than trains in tunnels.


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Go back TODAY and walk the entire block recording as you go.

If there are indeed no signs then you can probably file in small claims court and get your money back. But honestly there are probably signs there.


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This is a huge problem for Google going forward. As an idiot from Connecticut said, “fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, can’t get fooled again.”

Fewer people are going to be willing to invest in Google hardware before it becomes popular. But fewer of their devices will become popular because more people are holding back on buying them in case Google gives up too early.

Same thing with Google services.


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At the end of the day Tesla is public company. It has assets and liabilities and it’s valuation on the stock market is supposed to align with some multiple of its expected future value.

Right now it’s incredibly overvalued when compared to every other company in every business they’re in when compared on an EPS basis. Which means the market (i.e. investors) think there’s some magic there that makes them way more valuable than every other company you could compare them to.

The market is fickle. If they wind up in court and it turns out that they were misleading customers and owe billions of dollars their stock price would crater.


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Journalists have, over the last 100 years, developed a whole set of phrases that have meanings.

The phrase “people familiar with the matter” means that the journalist knows who the people are, that they would be in a position to know what they’re talking about, and that the journalist has been able to confirm it with multiple such people.


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They don’t have to go bankrupt to go away.

If they get hit with a fine and are forced to refund the money they collected for the supposed self driving feature they could suddenly be in a situation where they have to go take a ton of money in loans at onerous terms to keep operating. If that happens their stock gets driven to a valuation more in line with other automakers EPS. And they suddenly become an acquisition target.

Perhaps for someone with a ton of cash, super valuable stock, and an interest in the automotive space. Like Apple for example.