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That seems like an excellent idea, but there might be a few drawbacks. How many in the UK have a garden large enough to compost a pine tree? A commercial hügelkultur operation would take a substantial amount of work to create and maintain, especially considering the number of trees that would need to be buried every year.


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You may have misread the article.

The process doesn't need sugar cane, only pine needles. The article mentions that while cane by itself is more efficient, pine needles do an adequate job with more refined techniques. The researchers mention the pine needles can be mixed in with the cane. for an added boost. Since the UK already imports sugar cane, it wouldn't be a new addition to their carbon footprint. The pine needles can be mixed in when they are abundant (January).


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A year is considered "long term" when talking about vaccines (

mRNA vaccines have been used in oncology for almost a decade with no long term side effects seen.

In addition, billions of doses have been given so far, so any long-term side effect must be less than one in a billion if it hasn't cropped up yet.