thestateisgreen t1_j4ozeal wrote

I often see a bald eagle on route 116 when I drive home in the mornings. It’s so majestic! But this morning I saw a huge predatory bird that I initially thought was an osprey but it was much larger and darker. I’m wondering if it might have been a golden eagle now! Very cool. I see the most amazing birds on my drive home. Eagles, blue herons, barred owls. Lovermont!


thestateisgreen t1_j46jags wrote

I’m only glad I’m not alone. I commute at night and have to take 116 north from Middlebury and I am constantly being blinded. Being tired because it’s my morning only makes it worst. And then lately a bunch of people have been installing these light bars on their vehicles and I sometimes have to pull over because of the intensity and let my eyes readjust.


thestateisgreen t1_j46irfd wrote

I commute at night and it’s honestly infuriating. I would take a high beam any night over a light bar though. It makes my blood boil. There are a few trucks in the Addison county area using them as high beams. Then, on Wednesday night while commuting north on Silver st., about mile from Hinesburg, a truck drove the opposite direction then turned on a light bar that was on the BACK of his truck when he went by. These people are the scum of the earth.