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It's important to note that ChatGPT doesn't "understand" things in the same way we do, and doesn't "think". So it does tends to get a lot of stuff wrong.

That being said, it's quite a good bit better than previous attempts at similar things.


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This is really common. And it's been great for people receiving transplants.

The premise is that if you need a kidney, a family member would generally be more than willing to donate to you. But they might not be a match.

So instead the family members details go into a database, and a chain or loop is established -- their kidney goes to family A, whose kidney goes to family B, whose kidney goes to C, ..., and you receive family X's kidney.

All of these people are donating to strangers, and thus getting a kidney for their own loved one. Basically they donated a kidney for their loved one instead of to their loved one. But their loved one gets a kidney, and gets a huge improvement to their lives.

It's a fantastic system.


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Half way through dialing: "fuck this" jumps

Stupid jokes aside, having a 3 digit number does make the number easier to remember. Plus there was a lot of media attention around this, and a good amount of advertising.

It's great to see such a positive thing.